AppTweak Unveils Atlas, the First App Store Semantic Engine

Our team of talented data scientists, has derived a mathematical formulation that maps every app and keyword on the stores to represent their semantic contexts.

Atlas is a foundational model that allows our ASO tool to consider keywords not only as distinct sequences of characters, but as vectors of intent and purpose used to search for mobile apps.

Atlas allows us to enhance, develop, and preserve our high-level understanding of what keywords mean and how they match any given app. Continuously delivering high-quality features is a key objective at AppTweak. A standardized understanding of the meanings of apps and keywords, as defined by Apple and Google, allows us to continuously deliver high-quality, valuable features to our customers.

Having benchmarked Atlas’s results against pre-existing AppTweak algorithms, we have systematically observed gains in quality and speed. Thanks to this, we have consequently been able to update and continue to develop our existing algorithms.

Atlas has also enabled the launch of unique AppTweak features, including the Relevancy Score and the English typo detector, both available in AppTweak’s keyword tool. And in the coming months and years, we will continue to capitalize on this enhanced understanding of the app stores to release more and more features, unleashing the full power of Atlas.

“Atlas is a game changer. Today, Atlas is the foundation to improve the accuracy of current features such as Relevancy Score or Brainstorm List. But the real potential of this powerful engine lies in its ability to help us better understand the inner workings of the app stores. It allows us to develop stronger features to help app marketers grow their apps in the app stores.”

Olivier Verdin, CEO & Co-Founder, AppTweak

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