Asus P7H55D-M EVO Review

Having looked during utterly a few mid-range micro-ATX AMD solutions recently, including a glorious Gigabyte MA785GMT-UD2H and some-more new Asus M4A75TD-M EVO, we figured it was time to check out a tiny Intel house for those who don’t need (or can’t afford) a hardcore facilities of a ROG Maximus III Gene. The Asus P7H55D-M EVO is an ideal claimant for a tiny and still PC, as it sports Intel’s new H55 chipset that supports a company’s new CPUs with integrated graphics. Don’t let that dope we into meditative it’s too low-end though, as this house not usually offers a few overclocking facilities yet even supports USB 3.0.

First off let’s go over a basics. This house fits hollow LGA 1156 processors including pin-compatible Core i7, Core i5, Core i3 and new Pentium CPUs. Keep in mind that if we wish one of a high-end Bloomfield Core i7s with triple channel memory support you’ll still need to opt for an X58 house like a EVGA E760 X58 SLI Classified or arriving Asus Rampage III Gene.

Meanwhile a P7H55D-M EVO’s integrated graphics outputs will usually work with a newer dual-core Core i3 or Core i5 600-series Clarkdale processors (i.e. not with a quad-core Lynnfield Core i5 750), as a tangible graphics chip is embedded in these ‘low-end’ CPUs and not a house itself. It’s all really treacherous and feeble differentiated on Intel’s part, yet carrying a examination by a Intel Core i5 661 examination should assistance to explain things.

Asus includes a really meagre gold with this board; only a unclothed smallest of a motorist CD, dual black SATA cables (one angled, one straight), black EIDE cables, a I/O image and pin header extenders are provided. The latter further does make plugging in all those fiddly box cables so most easier, and is something we wish all motherboard makers would embody as customary (though to be satisfactory a few do).

Visually, a P7H55D-M EVO is dressed in a signature multiple of grey and blues on a black-and-brown PCB that we’ve come to know and adore from Asus’ midrange. Overall we’d contend a MSI P55-GD65 still wins out in a looks department, yet a P7H55D-M EVO is really an appealing board, generally with a particular steel VRM cooling blocks around a CPU. Despite their tallness there should be copiousness of clearway for roughly any form of cooler.

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