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Although a hefty financial investment, a dishwasher is one of the best appliances to add to your home. If you work long hours or are constantly busy, then a dishwasher is incredibly time-saving as it allows you to spend less time manually washing up. 

Not only time-saving, dishwashers have been proven to use less water in their cleaning process than hand washing, so there’s plenty of incentive to pick out a good one.

With so many different models to choose from on the market however, and some even costing upwards of £1000, it can understandably be difficult to know which dishwasher is the right one for you and your household’s needs. Some dishwashers can even boast an array of additional features, such as Wi-Fi and app connectivity, making them smarter than ever before. 

To help make the decision easier, we have tested multiple dishwashers across all price ranges and brands to conclude which ones are actually worth investing in. Our top picks don’t just include the most premium brands – we also highlight the ones that serve as the best integrated dishwasher, best on a budget and the best for tougher stains.

Our thorough testing process is conducted by our expert reviewers. To ensure a comprehensive review, we fill each dishwasher with a typical domestic load and test each wash cycle, including eco and auto. 

From a technical level, we measure the amount of water and power used, cycle time and noise level. From a more domestic perspective, we also note whether machines are easy to load, how much space they have and even whether they can successfully clean the dreaded breakfast nightmare – dried-on scrambled egg. 

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Best dishwashers at a glance

  • Best overall dishwasher: Hotpoint Hydroforce H8I HT59 LS UK
  • Best for tough stains: LG TrueSteam QuadWash DF455HMS – check price
  • Best small dishwasher: Loch Capsule Dishwasher
  • Best low-cost dishwasher: Candy CF 57CF0W
  • Best large dishwasher: Hotpoint HF7HP33UK
  • Best dishwasher for flexibility: Hotpoint HSFO3T223WXUKN

How we test

Learn more about how we test dishwashers

Every dishwasher is plumbed and run in first before we begin our testing. We fill each dishwasher with a typical domestic load of pots and plates, including wine glasses and plastics. We test the standard, main wash cycle and the Eco cycle on all machines, measuring the amount of water used, power used, time to completion and the noise during the fill and washing stages.

Hotpoint Hydroforce H8I HT59 LS UK

The best overall dishwasher


  • Loads of space
  • Good Eco running costs
  • Impressive third rack
  • Excellent cleaning power


  • A little expensive in its intensive wash

Not only does the Hotpoint Hydroforce H8I HT59 LS UK pack 10% extra usable space inside thanks to its Maxi Space tub, but it’s powerful and inexpensive to run too. As an integrated model you can’t do much better than this.

The Hydroforce H8I has three racks: a bottom rack for plates, middle rack and a top cutlery rack. Dive deeper and you’ll find there’s enough space for larger plates at the bottom and you can even fit up to six tall wine glasses on the middle rack. The top cutlery rack also offers space for more than just cutlery with a clever dip that’s designed to hold mugs and bowls.

Although its default setting is Eco mode which runs at 50°C, there are numerous options to choose from including Rapid Delicates, Auto, 3D Wash for especially dirty items, Half Load and Sani Rinse for sanitising items. You can also modify temperatures from 45°C up to 65°C.

We found that running the default Eco cycle cost just 21p each time, making it excellent value for an everyday appliance. Using the Auto mode with 3D Wash enabled costs 62p which, despite being quite a big leap, is only necessary for extra-soiled items. 

For faster cleaning you can select Rapid mode which runs for between 30 and 40 minutes, depending on what you select. This mode is more expensive at 41p, so isn’t a great option for everyday use but ideal if you need to wash dishes quickly.

Once the dishwasher comes to the end of a wash, a motor gently pushes the door open to allow steam to escape and help the plates to air dry.

Full review: Hotpoint Hydroforce H8I HT59 LS UK

Reviewer: David Ludlow

LG TrueSteam QuadWash DF455HMS Freestanding Dishwasher

The best dishwasher for tough stains


  • Lots of programmes
  • Very powerful cleaning with steam
  • Smart control


  • Maximum cleaning power is expensive to run

How annoying is it to remove a dish from a dishwasher and find it still covered in residue? Even worse, stains can even seem to be baked on my some dishwashers. That’s where the LG TrueSteam QuadWash DF455HMS Freestanding Dishwasher comes in, as this model uses steam to dislodge stains without the need for scrubbing or rinsing.

Does it work? Absolutely. In our tough dried-on scrambled egg test, the LG TrueSteam QuadWash DF455HMS Freestanding Dishwasher managed to remove every trace of dirt without any scrubbing at all. This shows how powerful the dishwasher is, and makes this a great choice for keen cooks that often have difficult messes to remove.

The slight downside is that with Steam, the cost per cycle is high: we measured this at 71p. However, if you don’t need Steam and are running a regular cycle, costs dropped down to 28p, which is pretty good, although not the cheapest that we’ve seen.

The LG TrueSteam QuadWash DF455HMS Freestanding Dishwasher is nicely designed, with two baskets and a cutlery rack at the top. Neatly, the left-hand-side of the cutlery rack can be dropped down using the slider control to take larger items.

As well as controlling the dishwasher via its front panel, it’s compatible with LG ThinQ, so you can remote control it and choose the additional wash programmes, such s for Casserole dishes or Glassware.

If you want a hassle-free, no-scrub dishwasher for tough dishes, this is a great choice.

Full review: LG TrueSteam QuadWash DF455HMS Freestanding Dishwasher

Reviewer: David Ludlow

Loch Capsule Dishwasher

The best small dishwasher


  • Compact
  • Takes full-size plates
  • Powerful cleaning


  • No water softener
  • Hard to see the screen

The Loch Capsule Dishwasher is unlike any other traditional dishwasher we’ve tested. It can run plumbed like a typical dishwasher or through a moveable water tank which means it can be used almost anywhere.

At just 262mm wide and around the same depth as a kitchen counter, the Loch Capsule can squeeze into most available spaces and is easy to move around thanks to the carry handle on top.

Obviously a dishwasher this size is not ideal for larger families but we still managed to fit in enough place-settings for four people and found it all cleaned well. This is thanks to the well-designed inside space which includes a single wire rack that’s fitted with two sets of fold-down tines.

It’s worth noting that the Loch Capsule doesn’t contain salt as a water softener, so Loch recommends adding rinse aid or vinegar to the water tank and running a washing cycle once a week. Even so, if you live in an area with very hard water then you may struggle using this appliance and should opt for a model with an integrated water softener, such as the AEG L9FEB969C.

The default Eco setting takes two hours and 46-minutes at 67°C is suitable for most jobs but there are numerous other modes you can select, including a quick 15 minute wash at 70°C, 30 minutes at 50°C up to 152 minutes at 75°C.

Running on the standard Eco cycle used 2.5 litres of water and cost approximately 12.4p each cycle. When setting the Loch Capsule to quicker modes we found that despite costing less, dropping down to 6p a wash for the 30-minute cycle, it still cleaned impressively well. 

There’s also a Fruit Cycle which uses cool water to wash fresh fruit and vegetables in the extendible rack and a UV light mode to kill bacteria.

Full review: Loch Capsule Dishwasher

Reviewer: David Ludlow

Candy CF 57CF0W

The best low-cost dishwasher


  • Helps those with a smart meter save money
  • Solidy built
  • Good standard wash performance

If you don’t want to fork out on a dishwasher but equally need a reliable appliance that’ll see you through busy family life then the Candy CF 57CF0W is a great choice. 

The Candy CF 57CF0W is a freestanding dishwasher that is actually one of the biggest available thanks to its Maxi Tub which offers enough space for up to 15 place settings. 

Unlike other dishwashers available, the Candy CF 57CF0W only has two racks so you unfortunately lose the addition of a third cutlery rack. Both racks also don’t provide much flexibility either, with only half of the right-hand tines able to fold down on the lower rack, and all tines are non-adjustable for the top rack. 

Having said that, the top rack does have an adjustable height with a choice of two positions. 

Despite being a budget-friendly appliance the Candy 57CF0W comes equipped with a useful app that acts as a remote control and offers more information about what each cycle does. 

The beauty of the app though isn’t with its remote control but actually with its Eco Scheduling feature. This mode shows you the hourly time slots when power is cheaper and programs the dishwasher with the optimum start time so you can save money on your cycle. If you have a smart meter then this is a feature that can genuinely help save you money.

Otherwise we found the default Eco wash cycle cost 29.91p to run which is a touch higher than other models in this list. This rises to 54.43p for the Auto Mode cycle.

Full review: Candy CF 57CF0W

Reviewer: David Ludlow

Hotpoint HF7HP33UK

The best high-end integrated dishwasher


  • Tonnes of space inside
  • Quality stain removal
  • Wide range of cleaning cycles


  • Slightly expensive to run on intense cycles

The Hotpoint HF7HP33UK is perfect for larger families, thanks to its Maxi Space design which provides 10% more space than a standard freestanding dishwasher. 

Included are three racks which are flexible and can be adjusted accordingly to best suit the load. For example, the tines on the middle rack can be flipped up for stacking plates or flipped down to accommodate larger bowls. 

When loading the middle rack we found that even our particularly tall wine glasses fit comfortably underneath the cutlery rack that sits at the top, which is a common nuisance with most standard-sized dishwashers. 

Similarly the bottom rack has tines that are both spaced out at different intervals and are able to be folded down to accommodate larger dishes such as pots and pans. 

Away from its design, the Hotpoint features a wide range of programs and boasts brilliant cleaning results. The default mode is Eco at 50°C which we found is the most efficient programme but there’s also three Auto programs where the dishwasher cleverly detects the soiling level of the dishes and adjusts the program accordingly. 

Other programs include a Rapid 30-minute wash, Delicate and Self-Clean. There’s even a useful Active Dry option which automatically opens the door once a wash has finished, releasing steam and helping to air dry the dishes.

We found that running the default Eco cycle costs 28p, which places the dishwasher as a mid-priced option to run. This cost jumps up to 66p when using the intensive Auto mode with 3D Zone Wash switched on and even the Auto Fast Wash mode costs a dearer 42p per cycle.

Those with big families or who just tend to entertain often will appreciate the amount of space the Hotpoint HF7HP33UK has to offer, however it’s definitely not the cheapest to run. If you want a more energy-efficient and cheaper dishwasher that still has a good amount of space, we’d recommend the Candy CF 57CF0W.

Full review: Hotpoint HF7HP33UK

Reviewer: David Ludlow

Hotpoint HSFO3T223WXUKN

The best dishwasher for flexibility


  • Stylish
  • Lots of cycles to choose from
  • Flexible internal space

If you don’t have enough space for a full-sized dishwasher but don’t want to compromise on the performance, then the Hotpoint HSFO3T223WXUKN is a perfect option. 

All its controls are listed on the outside which includes an LCD that displays the selected mode, time remaining for a cycle and ways to select a desired mode. 

There are a total of nine programs to choose from including an Eco 50°C, intensive clean, sanitising soak and self-clean. While the default Eco mode will work for most jobs, the Zone Wash 3D mode lets you select one of the two dedicated racks to wash for lighter loads. 

Both of the racks are flexible with adjustable tines, fold down wine-glass holders (on the top rack), two adjustable holders (on the bottom rack) and a moveable cutlery basket which can be placed wherever. 

To be expected with a slimline model, running the Hotpoint HSFO3T223WXUKN isn’t the most cost efficient option out there. Running the Auto Intense cycle cost approximately 50p whereas the Eco mode cost around 29p, with both cycles performing well and able to cope with dirty dishes. The 30-minute cycle costs just under 11p each time but is better suited for less-soiled items. 

Although the Hotpoint HSFO3T223WXUKN is a slimline dishwasher that offers more flexibility for smaller spaces, if you have a large family or simply want better value for money then we’d recommend going for a full-size dishwasher. 

Full review: Hotpoint HSFO3T223WXUKN

Reviewer:David Ludlow


What size dishwasher do I need?

There are a few varieties of dishwashers. The most common are freestanding dishwashers that are 60cm wide, though there are also slimline dishwashers that are just 45cm wide that are good for small flats. Integrated dishwashers come in similar sizes, but are designed to blend in with your kitchen cabinetry. There are also compact dishwashers that sit on the tabletop like a microwave, which are useful if you don’t have space for anything bigger.

How many place settings should I get?

Dishwasher capacity is measured by place setting – a single place setting consists of ten items of various sizes. A 60cm freestanding dishwasher typically takes 11 to 15 place settings. Slimline dishwashers typically hold 8 to 10 place settings and compact dishwashers around 8 to 10 place settings.

Do I need adjustable racks?

Another consideration is plate size. Not all dishwashers can take the largest plates, but some have adjustable racks to accommodate plates as big as 31.5cm in diameter. Check the maximum size a machine can take against your largest plates before buying.

Do I need fold-down prongs?

This is a great feature to have. Fold down prongs make it much easier to load large pots and pans when you don’t have any plates to clean. Cheaper machines tend not to have them, but if you can afford one that does, then you won’t regret it.

What’s a cutlery tray for?

Another useful feature is a dishwasher with a cutlery tray. This is dedicated tray at the top of the machine that means you have more space for pots and plates in the main part of the machine.

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