Best Hard Floor Cleaners 2024: Our pick of the best


  • Powerful vacuuming with automatic power mode
  • Fluffy Optic highlights dirt
  • Mops hard floors
  • Great battery life


  • Small water tank
  • Unsealed dirty water tank

A revamp on the five-star Dyson V15 Detect, the V15s Detect Submarine harnesses everything we loved about the V15 but adds a new wet floor cleaning head and a software upgrade into the mix. 

The V15s has clever new software that detects the floor cleaning head and turns off the suction of the vacuum, preventing the liquid from entering the vacuum cleaner and causing a hazard.

Included is the submarine wet roller head which is fitted with a soft microfibre roller and 300ml capacity water reservoir. Once the head is connected, water is automatically dispensed onto the roller for quick and easy mopping.

We found that the water tank provides enough cleaning for around 16 or so minutes, which although is enough for smaller areas, those with houses that are mostly made up of hard floors might be better served with a dedicated hard floor cleaner. 

There’s also no suction with the submarine wet roller head, as dirt is picked up onto the roller and collected alongside dirty water. To avoid dealing with any wet mess, such as pet hair and debris, we found it best to vacuum floors prior to mopping.

Unlike most other dedicated hard floor cleaners, the Dyson V15s doesn’t have a self-clean mode so it does require manually taking the floor head out and washing it under a tap.

For dedicated vacuuming, Dyson has also included numerous extra tools and attachments, including two floor heads for both carpet and hard floors, and handheld accessories such as a crevice tool for detailing and even a mini motorised brush fitted with Dyson’s de-tangle technology.

Similarly to the V15, the V15s also features the piezo sensor which monitors dust particulars as they’re sucked up, allowing the vacuum to adjust its power based on how much dirt is detected.

The LED screen on the back clearly shows you how dirty your floor is in real-time, allows you to select two additional power modes and it displays the live battery time. The display also plays incredibly useful troubleshooting videos if the vacuum detects an external issue.

Overall we found that the V15s was fantastic for dealing with regular stains in smaller areas. If you only have a few hard floors in your home that need cleaning then this appliance is a great option. However if your home consists mostly of hard floors then we’d recommend a dedicated hard floor cleaner instead.

Reviewer: David Ludlow

Full review: Dyson V15s Detect Submarine

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