Blizzcon 2017: Everything we know about the annual convention

Blizzard Entertainment comes together with fans and developers alike every year to celebrate its growing catalogue of iconic games and passion for all things Blizzard. This year is no different, with Blizzcon 2017 set to take place in Anaheim, California.

Trusted Reviews will be there in-person reporting on all the latest announcements, news, cosplay and more. We can’t wait, so we’ve put together all the details you need below.

When is Blizzcon 2017?

The 11th annual Blizzcon is set to take place at the Anaheim Convention Centre in Anaheim California on Friday, November 3 and Saturday, November 4, 2017.

Blizzcon Virtual Ticket – How do I buy it?

While the opening ceremony and several other parts of Blizzcon 2017 will be available for free, the virtual ticket can now be purchased for £24.99 and bags you far more exclusive goodies such as access to exclusive digital loot and panels set to take place across the weekend. 

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Overwatch at Blizzcon 2017 – What can we expect?

Last year’s Blizzcon saw the reveal of Sombra’s animated short alongside her presence as a playable hero in the hugely popular shooter. Considering Overwatch is Blizzard’s biggest draw right now, we’re expecting it to have a notable presence at this year’s event.

It will also be taking place shortly after the Overwatch Halloween Event concludes. Knowing this, Blizzard will be in the perfect position to spring something new and exciting on fans.

World of Warcraft at Blizzcon 2017 – What will we see?

Blizzard has been releasing a series of videos in the run-up to Blizzcon 2017, many of which seem to allude to announcements set to debut during the upcoming event.

Legion, World of Warcraft’s latest expansion, is slowly wrapping up content updates ahead of Blizzcon 2017, meaning we’re probably due some form of announcement.

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In the above video, World of Warcraft game director Ion Hazzikostas had this say to say about things to come at Blizzcon:

“We are so excited, hard at work getting ready for BlizzCon and really can’t wait to share everything that we’ve been working on. I know players are wondering what’s coming next, where can we possibly go after this climactic battle that awaits us and can’t wait to tell everybody more about it at BlizzCon.”

Heroes of the Storm at Blizzcon 2017

Blizzard’s F2P MOBA has been growing impressively in recent months, with the likes of Overwatch’s Ana and Warcraft’s Kel’Thuzad being added alongside new maps in September alone.

Judging by recent events, Heroes of the Storm may see a new hero or two announced during Blizzcon 2017 before being available to players shortly after. While not as popular as Blizzard’s other properties, HOTS is nothing to be sniffed at.

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Hearthstone at Blizzcon 2017

With the tavern having just opened for Oktoberbrawl and a bunch of other spooky occurrences currently going down in Hearthstone, there is still no indication as what we’ll be seeing at Blizzcon 2017.

It’s a possibility that Blizzard may reveal some limited edition cards during the event or even reveal a new expansion. We’ll be sure to keep you guys updated.

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Diablo at Blizzcon 2017 – Any new announcements?

Unfortunately, Blizzard Entertainment confirmed in a recent forum post that Diablo will receive no new announcements at Blizzcon this year. However, things are in the works for future reveals.

‘This year, we want to give you a heads-up that while Diablo will be on the show floor, we won’t be making any new Diablo announcements. There will be a time for that at some point in the future, but that time is not now.”

Starcraft at Blizzcon 2017 – What could we see?

Starcraft 2’s latest expansion, Legacy of the Void, launched back in 2015 and recently had its storyline concluded. While still hugely popular as an eSport, we’ve seen very little on the Starcraft front in recent months.

Blizzard Entertainment has remained silent in terms of potential announcements, but there’s always a chance something could emerge next month.

Blizzcon 2017 Goody Bag – What’s in it?

Available in two different variants, the Blizzcon 2017 goody bag is now available to purchase with a discount for virtual ticket holders.

We’ve compiled all the loot to be found in both versions below:

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Normal –

  • A sleek black BlizzCon backpack, featuring a BlizzCon-themed lining
  • A Badge Icon Pack containing 6 badges—1 each for World of Warcraft®, StarCraft® II, Diablo® III, Hearthstone®, Heroes of the Storm®, and Overwatch®
  • 1 Blizzard Collectible Pin from Series 4
  • 1 Cute But Deadly® Blind Vinyl from Series 3 (Overwatch Edition)
  • 1 Overwatch Backpack Hanger featuring Eidgenossen Mercy, a BlizzCon exclusive

Epic –

  • 1 Badge Booster Pack, containing 3 blind badges
  • 1 additional Blizzard Collectible Pin from Series 4
  • 1 additional Cute But Deadly Blind Vinyl from Series 3 (Overwatch Edition)
  • 1 Overwatch Backpack Hanger Pack, containing 1 blind hanger
  • 1 BlizzCon 2017 Mercy Pin, only available in the Epic Upgrade or with a $150+ purchase during the BlizzCon merch sale (coming soon!)

eSports at Blizzcon 2017

Blizzcon 2017 will play host to a multitude of different tournaments, many of which will incorporate professional teams from all over the world across all Blizzard titles.

We’ve compiled a list of the planned tournaments below if you want to check out specific bouts:

  • World of Warcraft Arena World Championship
  • Heroes of the Storm HGC Finals
  • Overwatch World Cup 2017
  • Hearthstone Invitational
  • Starcraft World Championship Series Global Finals

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