Bose SoundLink Flex waterproof speaker floats in the pool

The colder months might be upon us, but that hasn’t prevented Bose has revealed a new pool-friendly speaker that’ll float alongside you.

The new SoundLink Flex is a little different to some of the other waterproof Bluetooth speakers out there. The IP67-rated audio accessory will float to the surface if dropped in the pool, or during your canoe ride.

Bose’s rugged new speaker also offers a steel grille to keep it safe when you drop it, while it’s also UV-light and corrosion resistant.

The speaker is also the first to carry Bose’s new PositionIQ technology, “which means it automatically adjusts to however it’s oriented to optimise the sound” regardless of whether it’s horizontal, vertical or hanging by the utility hoop.

Battery life is rated at 12-hours and can be recharged via the USB-C port. Up to 8 Bluetooth devices can be paired at once, with easy switching, while it can also be paired with other close Bluetooth speakers or soundbars.

As this is a Bose product, audio fidelity is the most important element and Bose is promising to bring it all.

“You feel a strong, deep connection to the places you go. Makes sense you’d want that same feeling for your music,” the company writes. “This is where SoundLink Flex shines. The sound is crisp, clear, and free of distortions, so you can hear each instrument and nuances in the vocals. The treble and bass are balanced, allowing you to hear every pitch. And its powerful bass can boom and project music that energizes and makes you rock your head. It’s all made possible with innovative technology housed in a beautiful, versatile design.”

The SoundLink Flex is available to buy now and is shipping from tomorrow, October 14. It costs $149. It’s available in stone blue, black and white smoke. We’re still waiting for word from when the speaker will arrive in the UK. Hopefully time for paddle boarding season.

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