Bridging Professional and Professional Growth During Mental Health Month”

Recalibrate enables individuals to overcome self-imposed limitations and societal norms through transformative identity shifts. Integrating unique coaching and marketing principles, the program steers participants towards lasting success. In today’s rapidly changing world, Recalibrate equips leaders not just to manage change but to excel amidst it, boosting resilience and adaptability. This emphasis on adaptability is vital, as highlighted by a McKinsey & Company study showing its value as one of the top skills sought by HR professionals and executives globally.

Drawing from her personal journey, Liana Habicht, the creator of Recalibrate, stands as a testament to its transformative power. Through ongoing self-reinvention, Liana became a resilient “SELF-full” leader, overcame PTSD, mastered entrepreneurial burnout, and achieved unprecedented success in her professional and personal life. Over the past year, Recalibrate was rigorously beta-tested with the board of directors of a global nonprofit dedicated to empowering women, where participants reported enhanced leadership confidence, increased resilience, and an improved quality of life.

The official launch event on April 14th provided an in-depth look at the Recalibrate system. Attendees explored its key elements including the SELF-full Leadership framework, Recalibrate Vector, and Identity Iceberg through engaging lectures, interactive activities, and a keynote by Rebecca Clyde, CEO of Botco.ai.

Rebecca says, “One of the key takeaways from today’s Recalibrate session was about reframing how we view challenges. Instead of seeing challenges as obstacles, we learned to view them as opportunities and create thoughts that support the goals we aim to achieve.”

The launch event also served as a platform for influential figures like serial entrepreneur Kirk Strawn. “We have heard stories of how people have broken through barriers to be successful,” says Kirk, “I learned how to be the new version of myself.”

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Connected Method is a global EdTech firm that empowers leaders to master their next evolution. Merging personal and professional development, Recalibrate helps individuals free themselves from limitations through strategic identity shifts. In an era of constant change, Recalibrate champions transformation, resilience, and adaptability.

For more information about Recalibrate or to schedule an interview with Liana Habicht, please visit lianahabicht.com or contact us at [email protected].

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