Broadleaf Commerce Proudly Announces Microservices 2.1 Release

In addition to the quote functionality, the release adds many new catalog management advancements. To start, Catalog Access Policies allow merchants more control over the visibility of catalogs and products. Merchants can now tailor catalog access based on customer segments or request parameters, delivering targeted content and ensuring a personalized shopping experience for each customer.

The release then significantly enhances catalog management by integrating rich, faceted search capabilities and robust bulk operations to the Admin UI. Merchandisers can now use search facets and sort options on product characteristics within the Admin, customized to their specific requirements. Additionally, bulk operations such as updating active status, adding and removing tags, and deleting products are now supported, improving merchandisers’ efficiency and productivity. The bulk operations API is also highly extensible, allowing more bulk operations to be introduced and easily used.

The 2.1.0-GA Release continues Broadleaf’s push to the forefront of complex commerce solutions through its innovative new features. With this release, Merchandisers and B2B users receive significant enhancements to their eCommerce experiences.

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Broadleaf Commerce believes in furthering commerce innovation and empowering teams to solve complex B2B and B2C challenges across catalog (PIM), content (CMS), Unified, Multi-site, and Marketplace solutions. As the leading choice for enterprise organizations requiring highly extensible, customizable, and scalable open technologies, Broadleaf provides an eCommerce platform built on cloud-native microservice architecture and supported by a team of expert engineers and consultants. For more information, visit https://www.broadleafcommerce.com/.

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