Butterfly Play LLC Revolutionizes Child Led Parenting with Tailored Play Skill Training Programs

“At Butterfly Play, we understand that every moment of a child’s life is an opportunity for growth,” says Nechama, Founder of Butterfly Play LLC. “Our programs, rooted in the DIR Floortime approach, are designed to empower parents and caregivers with the skills needed to guide their children through the most crucial stages of development using child led parenting methodologies.”

Butterfly Play’s standout offering, the DIR Floortime program, educates participants on engaging with children in a manner that maximizes social-emotional growth. This unique method supports child-led parenting by encouraging adults to follow the child’s natural interests and cues during play, facilitating a deeper connection and understanding.

School can be a challenging environment for kids. Understanding the challenges many children face in adapting to school environments, Butterfly Play also offers school integration services. These programs are tailored to help children develop vital coping and social skills within classroom settings, ensuring a smoother transition and a more fulfilling educational experience.

In addition to parent and caregiver training, Butterfly Play equips school support staff with the tools necessary to create and implement personalized plans aimed at providing the best possible support for children. This collaborative approach between home and school environments is fundamental to the child-led parenting philosophy, promoting consistency in the child’s developmental journey.

Join the movement as Butterfly Play invites parents, teachers, therapists, nannies, and caretakers to explore how child-led parenting can transform the lives of children. For more information on Butterfly Play’s innovative programs, visit butterflyplay.net or connect on Instagram @ButterflyPlayLLC.

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