Call of Duty: Vanguard’s Zombies mode battles the undead of Stalingrad

The Zombies multiplayer mode is always one of the most enjoyable aspects of the Call of Duty experience and Vanguard’s instalment looks like it’ll be no different.

The reveal trailer for the Zombies mode in Call of Duty: Vanguard looks absolutely mental with Sledgehammer Games and Treyarch behind this year’s instalment.

The mode will take players to Stalingrad in 1944, the site of one of World War II’s most attritional battles and perhaps the Nazis’ most consequential defeat. Unfortunately for the allies, the mass graves of those fallen soldiers will be reanimated by the Dark Aether magic we first saw in Black Ops Cold War.

A blog post on the matter reads: “The four-person co-op mode continues and expands on the Dark Aether story first experienced in Call of Duty Black Ops Cold War. Set in World War II in the ruins of Stalingrad, this new incarnation of Zombies takes players to the darkest corners of the occult, where mortals bond with Dark Aether entities to gain immeasurable power… but at what cost?”

The army of the dead has been summoned by Oberführer Wolfram Von List, a Nazi officer who had been in charge of the mystical artefacts plundered during WW2. He’s now one of the five Dark Aether entities on his team, giving him the power to raise the dead.

The “Der Anfang” (The Beginning) story will require the special ops soldiers under player command to prevent an undead horde sweeping across Europe. They’ll be aided by the magic of the other four entities.

Gamers can jump into portals, transporting them into the battle, while being able to access weapons upgrades. There’ll be access to new powers (“Offer the new Sacrificial Heart loot item to the Altar of Covenants to choose from a variety of upgrades that randomise each time you return from an objective.”), while cross-play and cross-gen play will be available.

“In Vanguard Zombies, it’s not long before you’re wading knee deep in the undead,” a blog post says. The game comes out on November 5.

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