Canon EOS 5DS Camera Review

Canon EOS 5DS – First Impressions

The Canon EOS 5DS is a healthy follow-up to a three-year-old 5D MKIII, a mythological indication dear of many photographers. However, this isn’t a indiscriminate replacement, and isn’t even a improved performer in each singular respect.

Instead, this camera has a specific focus, if you’ll atonement a expression. Its impossibly high-resolution 50.6-megapixel full-frame sensor is improved primed than any other now on a marketplace to furnish an implausible volume of detail, generally when healthy or set-up lighting means usually bottom ISO settings are needed.

Here we’ll be looking during a £2999 (body only) EOS 5DS, yet for those after even finer detail, a £3199 EOS 5DS R drops a visual low-pass filter to adult a ante further.

Watch a Canon EOS 5DS video preview 

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Canon EOS 5DS – Design and Features

Consistent with a thought that a Canon EOS 5DS isn’t a camera that’ll pull a 5D MKIII into a past – that indication will come after in 2015 – a 5DS has more-or-less accurately a same physique as a 2012 MKIII. It’s done of magnesium alloy, and offers plain continue sealing.

The demeanour and doing are all impossibly familiar. Canon has only done a few small tweaks to a EOS 5DS to keep it formally 2015-like. First, there’s a USB 3.0 port, blank from a 5D MKIII. That’ll unequivocally come in accessible when transferring a enormous uncompressed RAW files a 50.6-megapixel sensor produces.

Most of a hardware changes feel like optimisations. The Canon EOS 5DS isn’t perplexing to dramatically change a marketplace like cameras such as a Sony Alpha A7R.

This laxity will be a certain for many. The 5DS even uses a same battery as a 5D MKIII, providing 700 shots off a charge.

Canon EOS 5DS – Screen and Performance

Outside a code new sensor, a Canon EOS 5DS picks and chooses a lot of a best pieces seen in Canon’s other high-end DSLRs. For example, it uses twin DIGIC 6 processors only like a super-speedy Canon 1D X ‘sport photography’ camera.

Of course, interjection to a measureless volume of information that needs to be processed in a 5DS’s photos, you’re not going to get anything coming 1D X speed. You can fire during 5fps, a small slower than a 6fps of a 5D MKIII. While we competence find that unsatisfactory given a three-year age of a MKIII, a 5DS unequivocally isn’t a camera for those who value undisguised detonate speed as a priority.

This kind of speed is only one component of performance, of course. AF speed is some-more critical for many people. And while it’s not a mint system, as it’s a same one used in tyne 5D MKIII we’re flattering assured it’ll pierce tip performance.

It gets we 61 concentration points, 41 of that are cross-type. There’s doubtful to be most of a opening boost from a 5D MKIII, yet a shiver resource has been improved: a shiver sound seemed to be a bit quieter than a 5D MKIII’s. It’s not all about noise, though, yet also to revoke any risk of fuzz caused by a mirror’s movement.

The categorical event, a impossibly high-resolution sensor, is apparently something we’ve not had an event to consider properly. But we can’t wait to see what a labs formula make of it, not to discuss holding it out for a correct shoot. A 50.6-megapixel sensor creates this a highest-resolution full-frame camera to date – distant higher-res than a 36.3-megapixel arch-rival Nikon D810.

Of course, as a sensor distance still stays a full-frame standard, this perfect fortitude will concede very-high ISO performance. In response, a Canon 5DS has a unequivocally regressive local ISO operation for a new camera, with only ISO 100-6400, extendable to 12,800 if you’re happy to pierce out of a endorsed settings.

Meanwhile, a Nikon D810 has local ISO of adult to 12,800, that extends all a approach adult to 51,200. A outrageous difference. The Canon EOS 5DS unequivocally isn’t about extraordinary speed or low-light performance, yet class-leading (by a outrageous margin) fact within certain sharpened conditions.

Let’s not do a 5DS down, though: a picture peculiarity is expected to be glorious within a local ISO range. It’s also flattering practical, with 1.3x and 1.6x sensor stand modes to let we use EF-series lenses designed for APS-C sensor Canon cameras though extravagantly skewing a focal length. There will be a detriment of resolution, yet it is not as if a 5DS is brief on that to start with.

Other small elements value a discuss embody that a Canon EOS 5DS has a bound 3-inch 1,040k dot shade and – like probably each other full-frame camera of a impulse – offers video sharpened that tops out during 1080p resolution. No 4K here.

Early Verdict

The Canon EOS 5DS doesn’t pull a reset symbol on a company’s full-frame line-up. It’s a dilettante indication for detail-obsessed and veteran photographers who don’t need ultimate speed or autarchic low-light flexibility. However, as a cameras that will set new standards in perfect fact among full-frame cameras, we’re inspired for some-more of a 5DS and 5DS R.


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