Can’t get an Xbox Series X for Christmas? Even Microsoft feels your pain

The continued next-gen console shortage isn’t just affecting gamers with an Xbox Series X-shaped gap under the Christmas tree; Microsoft can’t get hold of them either.

It has emerged the manufacturer had to resort to using Xbox Series X dev kits for the first Halo Infinite tournaments over the weekend because Microsoft-owned studio 343 Industries couldn’t get hold of enough retail versions of the console.

‘Tashi’, the Halo Esports and Viewership Lead at Microsoft/343 Industries said that the consoles were placed in retail mode for the open bracket stages of the tournament. In answering his own question, Tashi added: “Why? Global supply chain shortage is real.”

The Halo Esports chief assured gamers that the functionality was identical and that players wouldn’t notice anything different about the experience. He didn’t answer questions on why the Xbox Series S wasn’t used instead.

He wrote on Twitter: “Heads up open bracket players – you’ll be playing this weekend on Series X development consoles. They’re functionally identical and will be operating in “Retail” mode so it’s the exact same experience, they just look a little different.”

While this is a frivolous story, it is indicative of just how serious the shortage of these consoles with the Xbox Series X now on sale for over a year.

Gamers continue to battle bots and scalpers for the limited supplies there are, and then are mostly reliant on being in the right place art the right time, the moment the consoles drop on the various online portals. Good luck if you’re hoping to fair better than Microsoft’s very own first-party studio during this Christmas week.

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