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How to remove a device from Alexa

The longer you use your Amazon Echo devices, the more aware you’ll become of the extent of the support it offers for a range of smart home kit. But, as you start to add and remove new supported products, the list of devices will become out of date. If your list of supported smart kit has become out of h
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Top 10 rated wired and wireless mice

Looking for the best gaming mouse to level up your performance? Then you’re in the right place.  We’ve assembled a list of the top ten gaming mice that we’ve reviewed, including both wired and wireless options while also catering to as many different budgets as possible. High-profile brands such as Cors
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How to link your subscriptions in Facebook News

Facebook just launched Facebook News in the UK, a little over a year after the social network first introduced the feature in the US. The Facebook News feed (not to be confused with your Facebook News Feed) gathers news from across the web into one, easy-to-navigate tab. The feature collects news from o
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