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What is Snapchat Plus?

Snapchat launched all the way back in 2011 and has become one of the most recognisable social media platforms ever made. The key to a successful social media app is creating new features once in a while that make the experience feel fresh to users, while also sticking to the same format that made the ap
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How to install Spotify on your Garmin watch

Music can be a great motivator for your exercise, so here’s how you can install Spotify on your Garmin watch. A lot of runners like to listen to their music while they’re on the go, and so if you’re one of them you might want to access your Spotify playlists while you’re pounding
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Xiaomi 12T confirmed for October 4 launch

Xiaomi will announce the Xiaomi 12T at an October 4 launch event, it’s been confirmed. The Chinese manufacturer has taken to Twitter to announce a major ‘Xiaomi Launch’ taking place across its social media platforms on October 4, which is this coming Tuesday. While the Xiaomi 12T name isn’t included in
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Sky just got serious about eSports

Sky is leveraging its Gigafast 900Mbps full fibre home broadband service to make a major play in the eSports world. The full fibre broadband service, which guarantees 600Mbps and lets users connect more than 120 devices at a time, will underpin the efforts of the London-based Guild eSports team and orga
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How to turn a PS4 controller off

Here is the easiest way to turn off your PS4 controller. The Sony series of PlayStations are some of the most popular consoles ever made, coming up as solid rivals against Microsoft’s Xbox Series and the Nintendo Switch. And anyone that hasn’t yet upgraded to the next-generation PS5 may still be using t
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