Apple Watch will rule wearables in 2021, but Qualcomm could help change that, here’s how

Qualcomm’s new approach to wearables might be the thing that knocks Apple off its throne, according industry experts interviewed by Trusted Reviews. With the announcement of Qualcomm’s new vision of the wearables space with the Qualcomm Wearables Ecosystem Accelerator Program, it’s clear the company is
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Ghost of Tsushima Directors Cut is an historically huge upgrade for PS4 and PS5

Ghost of Tsushima, along with The Last of Us 2, is perhaps the final classic of the PS4 era and now it’s coming to PS5 with an all-new Director’s Cut due next month. The Ghost of Tsushima Directors Cut will be available for both PS4 and PS5 when it drops on August 20. However, such is the scale of the n
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