All you need to know about Amazon’s sale

Amazon Prime Day 2022: The next iteration of Amazon’s massive Prime-exclusive sale is almost upon on us, and we’ve got all the info you need to prepare. Summer is here and (aside from the good weather) that can only mean one thing – the Amazon Prime Day sale is just around the corner. The Amazon-only sa
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What is GPU scaling and why should you care?‍

Run through any PC gaming blog or forum and you’ve probably stumbled across the term GPU scaling. But what does it mean and why is it important? Keep reading this guide to find out. What is GPU scaling? GPU scaling is the process of rendering graphics on a computer graphics card (GPU), not the CPU. When
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How to stop a Windows 10 update

Step 1 Use the Settings menuTo open the Settings menu, either type ‘Settings’ into the search bar, press the Windows key and the letter I, or press the gear icon in the Windows corner menu. Step 2 Press on ‘Updates and Security’Once inside, press on ‘Update & Security’ – it’s the last option on the
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Motorola Razr 3 hands-on footage leaks

Brief footage of the Motorola Razr 3 being used has leaked onto the internet, revealing its new design. Notorious tipster Evan Blass, aka evleaks, has posted a GIF of what appears to be the next-generation Motorola foldable (code-named Maven) in-hand. While the footage is brief and grainy, it shows the
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Has the Pixel 6a just made the Pixel 6 pointless?

OPINION: Google has just unveiled its newest affordable phone, the Pixel 6a. But given that it’s so similar to the Pixel 6, has the brand unwittingly undercut itself? It’s fair to say that the Google Pixel 6 is a very good phone, and we said as much in our glowing 4-star review. Its highlights include a
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