How to install fonts in Photoshop

Looking to spice up your font library? Here’s how to find and install new fonts to use in Photoshop in just a few easy steps.  The easiest way to add a font to Photoshop (or indeed any Creative Cloud service) is with Adobe Fonts. Here you can find a variety of fonts available for personal and commercial
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What to expect from the Steam Summer Sale 2022

Looking for some more games to bulk out your Steam library? Now is a perfect time, as the Steam Summer sale is on the horizon. The Summer Sale is only a day away, making it the perfect time to start curating your Steam wish list. The sale will last from 23rd June until 7th July, giving you plenty of tim
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A New Era at home right now

Want to stream the latest Downton Abbey film from the comfort of your own home? These are the steps that you need to follow. Come on in Downton fans, it’s time to put your feet up, pour your favourite glass of cordial and relive the splendor of Downton Abbey. With three years having passed since we last
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Sonos Ray vs Sonos Arc: Which suits you best?

The Sonos Ray and Sonos Arc sit at either end of the Californian company’s soundbar range, the Ray is its cheapest and simplest bar to date, while the Arc is built to show off Hollywood blockbusters at their best. The Sonos Ray is, at the time of this comparison, sits as Sonos’ entry level device for im
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OnePlus 10 may still be in the works after all

OnePlus could be preparing to launch a plain OnePlus 10 after all, according to one leaker. Yogesh Brar has taken to Twitter to offer the claim that OnePlus is still working on a vanilla model to accompany the OnePlus 10 Pro that launched earlier in the year. OnePlus 10* (Project Ovaltine) another Snapd
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How to unpair an Apple Watch

Need to unpair your Apple Watch from your iPhone but not sure how? Here is the easiest way to unpair your Apple Watch from your iPhone. Looking to upgrade to the latest Apple Watch 7, or are you ready to move on from your smartwatch altogether? Either way, knowing how to unpair your Apple Watch from you
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