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Amazon Echo Show 15 is becoming a Fire TV display

Amazon has been busy announcing a slew of new hardware today, but it also had a surprise in store for owners of its existing Echo Show 15 smart display. The company is bringing the Fire TV experience to the Echo Show 15, because it seems users just love watching videos on the wall-mountable smart displa
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Netflix opens mobile games studio in Helsinki

Netflix has opened its own internal mobile games studio, in a further sign that it means business in the gaming space. The streaming giant has announced that its is establishing an internal games studio in Helsinki, Finland. Marko Lastikka, formerly of Zynga, has been tasked with heading up the studio.
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How to activate Night Mode on the Apple Watch Ultra

Apple’s biggest wearable is now on shelves and it comes packing a load of features you won’t find on the Series 8. One such feature the Apple Watch Ultra packs is a Night Mode, and here’s how to enable it. Designed for athletes, hikers, divers and more, the Apple Watch Ultra is a wearable designed for a
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Things might be about to get even worse for Netflix

One in four Netflix subscribers in the United States plan to leave the streaming service this year, according to a new survey. The Reviews.org survey of 1,000 Americans – so not necessarily an overwhelmingly convincing sample size – suggests 25% of subscribers are hell bent on quitting. That could be 18
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What is a macro camera on a phone?

Considering upgrading your smartphone to one with a more capable camera? Macro might be one of the terms you’ve seen thrown around. We’ve put together this guide to explain everything you need to know about Macro lenses.  Read on to discover what a macro lens is, how macro modes work on smartphones, whi
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Huge camera upgrades, faster chip and a new notch

Apple’s next top-tier smartphone has just been unveiled, alongside a range of other new hardware products, and this is all we know about it so far. It might not seem ever so long ago that Apple unveiled the shiny new iPhone 13 Pro, but now we have been treated to seeing its sequel for the first time at
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