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OnePlus 9R vs OnePlus 9: How do they compare?

OnePlus has officially launched its latest flagship range. The 2021 smartphone line up consists of the OnePlus 9, the OnePlus 9 Pro and – in some locations – the OnePlus 9R. The OnePlus 9R is the most affordable of the three phones, but as an India and China-exclusive it hasn’t seen the same attention h
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What is DLSS? Nvidia’s RTX technology explained

If you’ve been thinking of buying a new graphics card recently, you’ve likely come across ‘DLSS’. This is one of the most important features to come to Nvidia’s RTX graphics cards in recent years, but what is DLSS and why should you care? We’ve assembled this DLSS guide, so you know all of the important
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Is it too late for the Surface Duo in the UK?

Many months after its initial release in the US, Microsoft has finally announced the first Surface phone will be hitting UK shores next week (February 18). But is it too late? The Microsoft Surface Duo caused quite the stir when it was first announced. A whole new category of device that would take the
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