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God of War is coming to PC with DLSS support

PlayStation has announced that the 2018 hit, God of War, is set for release on PC on 14 January 2022. The upcoming PC version will feature a lot of new graphics settings, with a heightened performance ceiling allowing for higher resolution shadows and improved screen space reflections. Unsurprisingly, t
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The PS5 just ended a Nintendo Switch sales streak

The Nintendo Switch has finally been beaten, as the PS5 now holds the record for the best-selling console in the US. It seems that even the stock issues and chip shortages haven’t stopped the PlayStation 5 from taking over as the best-selling console during September in the US, smashing the Nintendo Swi
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Apple Watch 7 makes Watch 6 look old in new image

An early picture of the Apple Watch 7 shows what an improvement its new larger display is over the Apple Watch 6. The Apple Watch 7 lands tomorrow, and you might already have noticed the first few reviews appearing on the internet. What we haven’t really seen as yet is a clear shot of the Watch 7 next t
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What is Dolby Vision for Gaming?

Here is your guide to understanding Dolby Vision for gaming, including how to enable it to make your gaming experience even better. Dolby Vision HDR has come to prominence over the last few years, even landing on cheaper TVs. Dolby Vision for gaming aims to the same thing that the ‘standard’ Dolby Visio
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