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What is Fitbit Premium?

Fitbit is one of the most popular brands out there when it comes to smartwatches, with a massive wealth of wearables on offer since it launched in 2007. Fitbit is a company that makes fitness technology products, with many people recognising the brand thanks to its successful line of wearables. Fitbit P
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What is Apple Pay Later?

Apple Pay was introduced to the iPhone series in 2014, making it easier for users to make payments in person and online. The ability to pay using your smartphone has become more commonplace in the last few years, making it even easier for people to pay for products in person without needing a physical c
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How to play FIFA 23 early

FIFA 23 is set to launch on 30 September 2022, so you only need to wait a matter of days to start playing. But if that’s still too long for you to wait, then we have another solution. EA is offering a couple of different ways to start playing the popular football game ahead of the official release.  You
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Release date, price, features and specs

Amazon has just announced a brand-new addition to its Kindle line, and it’s very different to what we’ve seen before. Meet the Kindle Scribe. Similar to the Huawei MatePad Paper and Remarkable 2, the headline feature of the Kindle Scribe is the ability to draw on the e-ink display making it a great choi
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The very best Samsung smartwatches

Unlike the iPhone and its intrinsic ties to the Apple Watch, things with Android are a little more open. Still, that hasn’t stopped brands such as Samsung from attempting to unify its product ecosystem – enter Samsung’s Galaxy series of smartwatches. They’ve been around for a good few years, and have en
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