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Who knew? Looking at yourself on Zoom all day is really, really stressful

Zoom users are sick of looking at themselves during online meetings and it’s causing additional them stress and fatigue, according to a new study. New research from the Stanford Virtual Human Interaction Lab say the endless stream of remote work video calls are causing “Zoom fatigue” and it’s somewhat d
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EA and BioWare pull plug on Anthem Next

EA and Bioware has announced it has cancelled further development of its troubled 2019 loot shooter Anthem, citing the desire to move on to other projects. The so-called Anthem NEXT game, which has been billed as a “fundamental restructure” of the original title, will no longer happen. In an announcemen
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Best projectors 2021: Bring the big screen home

What are the best projectors? For a big screen experience in the home, you really need one of best projectors available. With prices starting around the same as a mid-range TV, you needn’t spend a fortune for the silver screen experience. But projectors are not just good for films. Some are good for gam
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