Apple AR headset to feature MacBook Pro power

The Apple AR headset will essentially pack the power – and the power requirements – of the latest MacBook Pro, according to a new report. Analyst Ming-Chi Kuo (via AppleInsider), who has a pretty solid track record with predictions from the supply chain front line, claims that Apple’s AR headset will re
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You can no longer play Sonic while driving a Tesla

Telsa will remove the ability to play video games on the vehicle’s centre console while the car is on the go, to which most people are probably asking “wait, you were able to do that in the first place?” The Passenger Play feature, which includes classic games like Sonic, will now be locked while the ve
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Where to stream the original Matrix trilogy in the UK

This is a big week for fans of The Matrix series of films, as the long-awaiting fourth entry – The Matrix Revelations – gets its big release in cinemas and on HBO Max in the USA. If all this talk of Neo’s return has got you hankering to revisit the classic original and the two adequate sequels then we’r
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How to watch Elf this festive season

Here’s how you can tune into one of the most wholesome tales about family and Christmas spirit this festive season in the UK. If you’re looking to catch up with one of everyone’s favourite childhood films, then you should look no further than Elf, the wholesome Christmas tale starring Will Ferrell and Z
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