Chile Gears Up For The Largest International Higher Education Fair With Twenty Universities Exceeding In Academic Quality

Chile is proud to participate at NAFSA with twenty universities in New Orleans from May 28th to 31st

NEW ORLEANS, May 28, 2024 /PRNewswire-PRWeb/ — Chile accounts for 23 of the top 100 universities in Latin America and has continued to excel in the academic sector. Learn Chile member institutions will represent the country at NAFSA–the largest international fair of superior education of the world–at booth #329 in the national pavilion in New Orleans, Louisiana. This is the largest group of universities Learn Chile has brought to the U.S. expo to date.

Learn Chile is the sectorial brand of the ProChile program that brings together a network of educational institutions. It is currently composed of 27 universities and professional technical training institutes that aim to promote the internationalization of Chile’s academic sector and promote the country as a top destination for international students.

The national delegation hopes to boost the generation of cooperation agreements with universities across the globe to reach over 8 thousand representatives in more than 100 countries. In the past year the higher education institutions of Learn Chile that participated in NAFSA exceeded 600 networking meetings that resulted in around 150 cooperation agreements and arrangements worldwide.

Chile leads the rankings in innovation and competition in Latin America that projects the expectation of professionals that seek jobs in the country. The country has become renowned for the advancements in new technologies and renewable energy at a world class level. Chile is also recognized for the advancements in health, astronomy, engineering and mining, and artificial intelligence (AI). The advancements across several sectors attracts students from across the globe for its educational quality and geographic locations with climatic diversity that provides territorial specialties unique to the country.

Relationships in the U.S.

Nearly 94% of international exchange students applied to universities in the U.S through agreements between Chile and foreign institutions, according to the Chilean Ministry of Education. It is essential to participate in conventions like NAFSA for higher education services in Chile to build these relationships. “We believe that there is potential for students from Eastern Europe and Asia to explore Chile’s academic sector beyond the traditional partners such as North America,” says Director of Learn Chile Jorge Burgos.

“Being present at NAFSA 2024 with Learn Chile allows us to jointly cover the promotion of the attributes of our country, allowing our associated institutions to direct their efforts in strengthening their academic offerings and establish new cooperation networks with the world,” declared Claudia Serrer, Trade Commissioner of ProChile in Miami. “With the Learn Chile brand, we are taking advantage of the advantages of an economic expansion in the area of education, increasing our global reach by being present at NAFSA. On the other hand, the experience of studying in the country is complemented by what students learn outside the classroom, interacting and getting to know our culture, geography, gastronomy and talent” added Claudia.

Before the pandemic the United States was the first country of origin participating in exchange programs in Chile–with 1,800 American students visiting Chile annually. The country seeks to recover these figures by continuing to strengthen academic and diplomatic ties with North America.

Learn Chile was invited by the United States Embassy in Chile and Dillard University to visit the facilities of this prestigious study house on May 28th. On May 29th Chile will host a welcome reception to its international peers and diplomatic authorities at the NAFSA convention.

Participating Universities:

Pontificia Universidad Católica de Chile
Santo Tomás Higher Education
Universidad Austral de Chile
Universidad Autónoma de Chile
Universidad Bernardo O´Higgins
Universidad Católica del Maule
Universidad Católica Silva Henríquez
Universidad de Chile
Universidad de La Frontera
Universidad de Las Américas
Universidad de los Andes
Universidad de O`Higgins
Universidad de Santiago de Chile
Universidad de Talca
Universidad de Valparaíso
Universidad del Desarrollo
Universidad Diego Portales
Universidad Técnica Federico Santa María
Universidad Viña del Mar

About ProChile
ProChile is the Chilean Government Exports Promotion Bureau, an agency within the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, which aims to promote Chile’s exports of goods and services to the world. ProChile has a network of 56 international commercial offices to connect Chilean exporters with potential importers around the world. Prochile has US-based offices in Los Angeles, Miami, New York and Washington D.C.

ProChile supports the diversification of the country’s exports for the promotion of inclusive foreign trade that incorporates the gender perspective and focus on SME’s, the attraction of foreign investment and tourism, all of which contribute to and strengthen the country’s image.

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