Churchill’s solitaire now available on Android

Churchill in the Solitaire MegaPack

Churchill – Solitaire MegaPack

We received numerous requests for Churchill in just a few days.

Tesseract Mobile released an update to their Solitaire Free Pack on March 14th which includes 2 new solitaire games – Elevens, and of course, Churchill. New games are added frequently. In fact, the Solitaire Free Pack started out with 10 different solitaire games and now it contains over 100.

“It’s rare to see a solitaire game in the news. We received numerous requests for Churchill in just a few days. When the demand for a new game is that high, we make it a priority.” says Tesseract Mobile Co-Founder and Game Designer Laura Ockel. “I have to admit, the game has a special significance for me. Churchill was my nickname growing up. My father called me Church or Churchill because I looked like Winston Churchill when I was born. His friends still call me that today.”

As the story goes, a proud mother once remarked to Churchill that her baby looked just like him. “Madam, all babies look like me.” Churchill retorted. This anecdote illustrates the remarkable quick wit for which Winston Churchill is so fondly remembered. His talent with words and his legendary skills of public speaking inspired Great Britain through the dark days of the Second World War.

Now it is possible to walk in the great man’s footsteps, in a manner of speaking, by playing the game he so often enjoyed. Anyone with an Android device can play solitaire as Churchill did, developing the strategies and celebrating the victories, all with the free download of an Android app. Timeless entertainment with all the convenience of modern technology. The Solitaire Free Pack is available to download today from the Google Play Store at this link: bit.ly/1orq1V6

The new Churchill solitaire game is also available in the Solitaire MegaPack, which is the deluxe version of the Android app. The Solitaire MegaPack has over 200 games with no ads and is available for immediate download from the Google Play Store for just $2.99: bit.ly/1d18SZ8

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