Cimcor Inc. Honored with Prestigious President’s “E” Award for Excellence in Exports

“Cimcor has demonstrated a sustained commitment to export expansion. The “E” Awards Committee was very impressed with Cimcor’s exports to 47 markets over the past four years. The company’s flexibility in adapting product design and features for export markets was also notable,” said Secretary Raimondo in her congratulatory letter to the company announcing its selection. Only 30 companies received the President’s “E” Award for Exports this year, and Cimcor is the sole recipient from Indiana.

Robert E. Johnson, III, President and CEO of Cimcor, Inc., said, “We are exceedingly proud and honored to receive the President’s “E” Award. This recognition is a testament to the Cimcor team’s dedication to innovation and excellence that has propelled our company to success in the global marketplace. As we move forward, Cimcor remains committed to supporting the U.S. economy while providing world-class solutions to our international customers.”

Cimcor’s achievement in receiving the President’s “E” Award highlights the company’s unwavering commitment to delivering innovative cybersecurity and compliance solutions to customers worldwide. By consistently adapting its flagship product, the CimTrak Integrity Suite, to meet the unique cybersecurity and compliance requirements of various international markets, Cimcor has positioned itself as a trusted global leader in the industry.

To learn more about Cimcor’s patented, real-time system integrity monitoring solution, CimTrak, and how it can help your organization detect unauthorized changes, ensure compliance, and protect against cyber threats, visit https://www.cimcor.com/cimtrak.

About Cimcor –

Cimcor develops innovative, next-generation compliance and system integrity monitoring software. The CimTrak Integrity Suite monitors and protects a wide range of physical, network, cloud, and virtual IT assets in real time while providing detailed forensic information about all changes. CimTrak helps reduce configuration drift and ensure that all systems are in a secure and hardened state. Securing your infrastructure with CimTrak helps you get compliant and stay that way. For more information, visit https://www.cimcor.com/cimtrak-integrity-suite

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