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Citilabs' Flow

Citilabs’ Newest Solution – Flow

[Flow] allows us to respond to changes in demand quickly, and gives us a unique view into revenue and ridership that we’ve never had before.

Citilabs, a leading mobility analytics solution provider, today has launched their new transit planning, operating and reporting solution, Flow, at the American Public Transit Association (APTA) Expo in Atlanta, where Citilabs is exhibiting this week. The Flow solution delivers a complete system for monitoring and predicting transit system performance, enabling better planning and operations decisions.

Transit managers, operators and planners are tasked with monitoring and predicting performance, operations and budget, which typically involves manually intensive processes and guess work. They are looking for ways to save time, money and improve forecasting and reporting accuracy and Citilabs’ Flow is the perfect solution to do exactly that and make their jobs easier. The platform leverages big data and predictive technologies to provide valuable insights for the management, operation and planning of public transport systems. Flow applies proven methodologies for accurately expanding sparse sensor data to replicate passenger movements and for forecasting ridership.

“Our new Flow solution monitors and emulates the movement of passengers and vehicles, creating a complete digital replica of the current and forecasted transit condition,” said Citilabs CEO Michael Clarke. “This exclusive platform removes many manual processes and provides transit managers, operators and planners with unprecedented visibility into their transit system, enabling optimal system management through better planning and operations decisions.”

The city of Cape Town, South Africa has already started using this newest Citilabs solution. “Flow gives us an overview of system performance, gaining a more accurate picture of the commuter experience,” Principal Professional Officer for the City of Cape Town, Edward Beukes said. “This allows us to respond to changes in demand quickly, and gives us a unique view into revenue and ridership that we’ve never had before.”

The APTA Expo is at the World Congress Center in Atlanta October 9-11, and Citilabs can be found at booth 4113.


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Flow is a product of Citilabs.

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