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Virtually every city and county across America relies on federal, state and private grants to provide vital services to their community. But finding, managing and accounting for them is hard. Two California technology companies are making it easier by putting the two best systems for getting the job done under one roof. Grants management and accounting is headed to The Cloud.

Pasadena-based eCivis and Sacramento-based CostTree today launched a joint-website, GrantsCase.com, that will help educate municipal governments nationwide on how to save time and money in sourcing, managing and accounting for the grants their communities rely on every day. The new partnership will be announced March 27 at the National Grants Management Association annual meeting in Washington, D.C.

“Technology has grown and is changing so fast that local governments who want to modernize and serve their community more efficiently are just overwhelmed with tools on the shelf and in their toolbox,” said James Ha, CEO of eCivis. “The partnership between eCivis, as the leader in sourcing and managing grants, and CostTree as the only cloud-based cost allocation system will make life easier for governments across the country.”

Since 2000, eCivis has helped thousands of local governments nationwide source and manage over $550 billion in grants per year, so they can provide services ranging from public safety to job training and transportation to education. CostTree then allows governments to document what their indirect cost was in implementing grants, enabling them to be transparent about what services truly cost and to seek reimbursement for their total direct and indirect expenses. The partnership between the firms begins today with a shared website. The firms anticipate that their respective systems will be integrated by summertime, with data from CostTree feeding eCivis, giving grants managers more tools to better understand the true cost of grants as well as make more strategic decisions to maximize their reimbursements—thus, making both the grant management process and their IT toolbox both stronger and simpler.

“Virtually every city and county relies on grants, but few realize what they can actually be reimbursed for when implementing them. This partnership between eCivis, which leads governments to grants and helps them manage them, and CostTree, which does the indirect cost component calculation, gives governments truly end-to-end control, transparency and reporting on the grants they rely on,” said Nicolie Lettini, founder and CEO of CostTree.

Over 2,000 local governments nationwide are already using eCivis and CostTree to manage their grants and associated expenses, giving them better control, an easier life, and tremendous savings.


About CostTree

CostTree is the only cloud-based system that empowers governments and nonprofits to identify the “true cost” of providing services. Through a powerful, cost effective, user-friendly cost allocation engine, CostTree enables organizations to assign overhead costs to the services they provide and then apply for federal government reimbursement on those costs. CostTree, which has already provided greater financial transparency and saved tens of millions of dollars for local governments nationwide, has expanded its platform to nonprofits now presented with additional Federal reimbursement opportunities as a result of new regulations. From cities and counties coast-to-coast (Boston to Colorado Springs to Burbank), water districts and transit agencies, over 50 government agencies have improved compliance and identified new reimbursement opportunities, empowering them to do more, with more. Visit https://www.costtree.net for more information.

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