CMF Watch Pro 2 will enable a fresh look for cheap smartwatch fans

Nothing sub-brand CMF is launching the Watch Pro 2 later this month and it’ll feature interchangeable bezels.

The company not-so-much teased, but straight-up announced the unique design feature in a tweet on July 4.

It doesn’t appear as if the exchangeable bezels will have any effect on the functionality of the watch, but switching up the look of the design is always welcome.

The CMF Watch Pro 2 will likely be unveiled in full on July 8 at an event, which we already know will be headlined by the sub-brand’s first smartphone – the CMF by Nothing Phone 1. That budget device will also offer a unique design quirk by way of screw-in accessories like a lanyard or kickstand.

The CMF Watch Pro 2 is the sequel to the first CMF Watch Pro which only arrived in late 2023 and earned a 4-star reviews from us at Trusted Reviews.

We thought it offered good features for the very reasonable price of £100, including built in GPS and heart rate and blood oxygen sensors, while it was also able to work with Android and iOS.

We also enjoyed the slick and refreshingly different UI as well as the design that didn’t feel budget. Our reviewer gave it a four stay score and concluded: “The CMF Watch Pro is a debut smartwatch that impresses both on the UI and design front and shows that Nothing has something with the Watch Pro. That said, it needs to deal with some bugs that do hold it back a little.”

It’ll be interesting to see how – replaceable aesthetics aside – the second-generation device builds on the proposition.

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