Codex Worlds™ Launches Kickstarter Campaign For 3D Tower Defense Game


Star Ace squadron returns to Freedom Strike, from tower defense game Infinium Strike.

Creative Director Dexter Chow says, “Infinium Strike provides the popular lane management tower defense gamer with an entirely different environment, throwing in a bit of arcade action.”

Today, independent game studio Codex Worlds™ announced a Kickstarter campaign for the 3D tower defense game, Infinium Strike™. The demo, available on Steam, offers players a fully playable mission. Infinium Strike™ puts players in charge of weapon systems aboard Freedom Strike—the largest, most heavily armed ship in human history—as they defend against hordes of sentient alien ships, called the Wrog.

After two years of game development, Infinium Strike™ has achieved beta. With additional funds from Kickstarter, Codex Worlds™ will further polish gameplay, add content, and implement valuable feedback received from the player community. Backers who support the project at a level of $25 or more will receive immediate access to the beta. Any backer who signs up for email project updates on http://www.codexworlds.com will also receive a special DLC (The Free Bubba Missions) after release with an estimated retail value of $4.99.

Lead Writer Ed Kaczynski says, “Kickstarter is such an important tool for indie developers—it lets us engage our audience, connect with like-minded gamers, and gather feedback to implement improvements. It’s really a win-win.”

Infinium Strike™ is a fully 3D game that combines classic tower defense with popular lane management play in an arcade-style experience. The hostile, enigmatic Wrog are attacking humanity’s outer colonies. Players deploy a variety of weapons on the maiden voyage of Freedom Strike, the first Ares-Class Battlecarrier and the largest ship ever built. Build a variety of towers, send out various fleet ships, or even use special TSF SuperTech abilities to decimate waves of enemy ships.

Infinium Strike™ is planned for release in fall 2015 on PC, Mac, and Linux, and has been green-lit by Steam, Valve Corporation’s digital distribution platform.

Game features include:

  • Futuristic starship tower defense with arcade-style gameplay
  • Immersive, free-roaming gameplay camera
  • Full story campaign with four levels of difficulty
  • High score, endless arcade mode
  • Wide variety of tactics using towers, ships, and special technologies
  • Ranking system from a green Captain to a seasoned Galactic Admiral

About Codex Worlds™

Codex Worlds™ is an independent game studio based in Austin, Texas, developing original, immersive games that appeal to both casual and core gamers. Join the discussion on the forums, and follow on Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, and Instagram (@codexworlds) for updates and exclusive behind-the-scenes content.

Press assets for Infinium Strike™ are available at http://www.infiniumstrike.com/press-kit/


Codex Worlds

Steven Pattison

Publishing Associate Producer


Beta access available for press upon request.

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