Convergence Announces the Release of Regulatory Filing Quality (RFQ™)

RIA Benefits
“RFQ™ gives RIAs an independent and objective assessment of filing quality that they can use to improve them and demonstrate their commitment to making filings that are consistent with SEC rules and the market,” said Phil Joyce, Head of RIA Services.

Pension Plan Benefits
“RFQ™ supplements their pre- and post-operational due diligence efforts, particularly when looking at the RIA’s compliance function,” said George Evans, President and Chief Revenue Officer of Convergence. “Consistent or higher RFQ™ scores give you a glimpse into their compliance culture.”

Service Provider Benefits
“The PCAOB has recently adopted a new quality control standard aimed at enhancing audit quality. Accounting firms can improve the quality of their audits by utilizing RFQ™ to strengthen client acceptance and independence testing. Additionally, accounting firms can leverage RFQ™ to identify commercial opportunities for offering solutions that assist clients in meeting regulatory requirements,” said George Gainer, Head of Audit Services.

RFQ™ for Form ADV Part 1A can be accessed here.

About Convergence
Convergence, founded in 2013, is the leading “data as a service” provider to the asset management industry. The company offers data-driven insights designed to increase revenue, improve efficiency and identify and manage operational risk in the asset management industry. The company maintains the industry’s largest and deepest database covering 42,000 US RIAs, 6,000 non-US advisers, 253,000 private and public funds and 6,000 service providers.

RFQ™ is a trademark of Convergence.

For more information, please contact Phil Joyce at 203-461-0744.

Media Contact

Lauren Evans, Convergence Inc., 908-894-9353, [email protected], https://www.convergenceinc.com

Phil Joyce, Convergence Inc., 203-461-0744, [email protected], https://www.convergenceinc.com


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