Crucial MX100 256GB Review

What is a Crucial MX100?

We’ve turn used to SSDs costing almost some-more than a normal tough disk, though drives like Crucial’s MX100 could go some approach to banishing that reputation. This expostulate has adequate space to duty as a foot expostulate in a PC or as a solitary expostulate in a laptop, though it’ll cost usually £75 – not many some-more than many high-end tough disks.

As usual, a trade-off for gaining an SSD’s speed is a miss of capacity. The Crucial might not cost many some-more than a normal tough disk, though a 256GB distance can’t review to a 1TB and 2TB tough drives you’d get for a same money.

Crucial MX100: Under a Hood

There’s no room in a Crucial’s medium bill for a arrange of indiscriminate redesign that Samsung introduced with a 850 Pro expostulate – though Crucial has still found room to innovate inside a MX100.

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Crucial MX100

This is a initial mainstream SSD to use 16nm NAND chips, that is a smallest routine that’s been deployed in consumer drives given Toshiba and SanDisk introduced 19nm transistors memory behind in 2012. It’s not startling that they’ve debuted in a MX100, since those 16nm chips have been grown and done by Micron – a organisation that owns Crucial.

It’s a churned move. The inclusion of a 16nm production routine means that Crucial can fist some-more transistors into any cut of silicon – and performance, in some departments, can advantage from a smaller size. However, a smaller production routine means a MX100 is during larger risk of a electricity leaks that can outcome transistors when they’re packaged in such tighten quarters.

That’s a usually member that’s seen a large change. The Marvell 88SS9189 controller inside a MX100 is a same chip that was used in a comparison M550 drive. The extraneous is business as usual: a 7mm framework done of smart-looking steel and a splendid blue sticker.

The MX100’s continuation rating of 72TB is decidedly normal – half as many as a Samsung 850 Pro. Many other drives also guarantee larger longevity, nonetheless many consumers shouldn’t be endangered unless they’re using lots of complicated workloads.

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