Cuisinart CBK250U Automatic Breadmaker Review

What is a Cuisinart CBK250U Automatic Breadmaker?

The Cuisinart Automatic Breadmaker is a attractive breadmaker that produces vast loaves – a enclosed recipes were for possibly 465g or 700g of flour. It also has programs for creation cakes, doughs and jams, and facilities a dispenser for adding seeds and dusty fruits during a right time.

The styling is overwhelming and contemporary, and build peculiarity appears to be good, though a pattern isn’t perfect.

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Cuisinart CBK250U Automatic Breadmaker

Cuisinart CBK250U Automatic Breadmaker – Design and Features

The Cuisinart looks overwhelming – a best-looking breadmaker we’ve seen yet. Thanks to a black potion top, brushed immaculate steel sides, purify lines and winding corners, it would demeanour ideally during home in a contemporary kitchen. It’s far-reaching and shallow, with a footprint a distance of a piece of A4 paper (landscape) though a third wider still.

The lid is home to a seed dispenser, though this is accessed discreetly from a left side: we lift it out like a drawer to fill it. Aside from that neat feature, it works like any other breadmaker.

Cuisinart CBK250U Automatic Breadmaker

There are 12 programs. 11 of them are preset once for breads, cakes, doughs and jams – and there are copiousness of suitable recipes in a enclosed recipe book. But scarcely a twelfth is programmable – we can set a timings for kneading, rising, etc. So if we come adult with your possess bread recipe, we can save it to a Cuisinart’s memory. You can also check a start time of a programs, so that your fritter is prepared in adult to 13 hours’ time.

Cuisinart CBK250U Automatic Breadmaker – What’s it like to use?

As we prepared to cook, dual things stood out: one good, one bad. The good one was how user-friendly a seed dispenser is: it’s a crafty design, that works like a drawer. To demeanour during a Cuisinart from a outside, you’d never theory it had a seed dispenser.

The bad one was that a back-right of a potion lid held on a cosmetic beside it any time we non-stop or sealed a lid. The lid still worked ok, though it was irritating and it was gradually scuffing a dilemma – this undermined a differently really certain sense of a breadmaker’s build quality.

Cuisinart CBK250U Automatic Breadmaker

We baked a 700g wholemeal loaf, holding a recipe from a enclosed Cuisinart cookbook. It was a vegan recipe regulating sunflower oil rather than butter, malt remove and 2/3 wholemeal flour and 1/3 white flour. The cooking time was 3:32 and it gave a choice of a light, middle or dim crust.

The breadmaker was utterly shrill as it kneaded: a deep, bassy whirring sound, like a decrease dryer. It was also shrill after on in a module as it tends to beep during a finish of any partial of a breadmaking process, so we can strike “pause” and supplement mixture or tinker if a recipe requires it.

The ensuing fritter had a good, even particle though was a bit too dense. The sides and bottom were somewhat crunchy though not so many on tip (we chose a middle setting). Toasted it was juicy though again dense, we’d have elite it to be a bit lighter. Looks-wise a tip of a fritter was somewhat disproportionate though in a good approach – it didn’t demeanour too breadmakery.

Cuisinart CBK250U Automatic Breadmaker

Should we buy a Cuisinart CBK250U Automatic Breadmaker?

Yes, if looks are a many critical cause – a Cuisinart’s black potion and purify lines would demeanour good in a contemporary kitchen. It’s also good for baking large loaves, or if we wish to emanate your possess program. But if you’re after a really best loaf, we’d suggest a Panasonic SD-ZB2502 instead.

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A high-end breadmaker with overwhelming looks, large loaves and a create-your-own program.

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