Dark Horse CPAs Announce Promotion of Justin Kurn to Chief Revenue Officer

“I am thrilled to take on the role of Chief Revenue Officer at Dark Horse CPAs,” said Justin Kurn. “This promotion represents an exciting opportunity to build on the successes we have achieved and to continue to drive increasingly more value to our Accelerators, Principals and clients. Dark Horse believes in democratizing the industry’s leading infrastructure for accountants to build and scale their practice and translating that into unparalleled client service experiences and outcomes. I look forward to scaling our impact with both accountants and clients in this new role as it will enable us to invest deeper into the assets that create better careers for accountants and better outcomes for clients.”

In his new role as CRO, Justin will oversee the Tax, Client Accounting Services, Marketing and Sales teams, ensuring a cohesive and integrated approach to the firm’s revenue generation efforts. He will focus on developing scalable and replicable product offerings and sales processes that empower all CPAs within the firm to deliver consistent, high-quality services to clients.

“Justin can not only sell ice to an Eskimo, he can convince them to sign up for a recurring subscription for ice delivery and they would be happy they did it,” says Chase Birky, CEO & co-founder of Dark Horse CPAs. “Fortunately, he has used these powers for good and only sells what he both understands and believes in. And I think it’s this belief and passion that gets accountants to think differently about themselves, to reevaluate their preconceived notions, and ultimately step into a more integrated and authentic version of themselves. Also, not being an accountant by trade, he’s able to see things more clearly and empathetically from the perspective of a client while not getting lost in technical minutiae and helping our CPAs see and enhance the value they bring to their engagements. I’m excited to scale Justin within Dark Horse and confident this position of CRO, and the resources it will afford him, will do just that.”

About Dark Horse CPAs

Dark Horse CPAs provides integrated tax, wealth management, accounting and CFO services to small businesses, entrepreneurs and affluent individuals across the U.S. The firm believes that both accountants and small businesses are underserved. Accountants suffer from subpar employment experiences and resourcing which in turn leads to small businesses suffering from subpar accounting and tax services. These small businesses are Dark Horses among their larger and more well-known competitors. The firm believes there is no one better to advise these small businesses than CPAs who themselves are Dark Horses, having eschewed the traditional pathway to building a practice. Being a Dark Horse CPA means advocating for small businesses by bringing to them the tax strategies and accounting insights previously reserved for big business. To learn more, visit Darkhorse.cpa.

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