Datiphy Announces International Expansion and Launches EMEA Office

March 31, 2016 – Datiphy™ Inc., a pioneering startup in data behavior analysis and security, today announced that they are pursuing aggressive expansion in Europe, the Middle East and Africa with an office in Paris, France sales and other go-to-market activities.

“Europe and the rest of the EMEA market have some of the most stringent data protection and privacy laws in the world,” said Mike Hoffman, Executive Vice President of Worldwide Sales and Marketing. “The world of cybersecurity as well as data audit and protection is changing as a result of external threats and internal IT transformation. There is great interest in new technologies and approaches that can address the need to ensure the security and compliance of critical data with regional and country regulations. We look forward to addressing the data protection needs of the EMEA and global markets.”

Following Series A funding of $7 million from Highland Capital Partners, Datiphy is expanding their worldwide presence with this new office in Paris, France. Datiphy plans to hire employees in sales, marketing and field support, sales operations as well as resources for business and channel development efforts. Datiphy has also prepared to increase in-country headcount to keep pace with the company’s accelerating growth.

“The amount of data being generated and held by organizations is growing faster than they can safely manage and audit. Datiphy is here to help them accomplish that with a high-performance and scalable approach,” said Ted Ho, CEO of Datiphy. “Auditing all the transactions that are occurring and interacting with business-critical data is virtually impossible with traditional methods and one of the results is an unacceptable breach-to-discovery gap of nearly 210 days. I look forward to addressing the unique security and auditing challenges of organizations in the EMEA region with Datiphy’s unique data-centric approach to security and compliance.”

Datiphy uses a proprietary, high performance and scalable architecture to audit every data transaction within an enterprise environment. With this data-centric approach, context can be provided for all data activity for analysis and visualization of asset relationships and behaviors. In addition, by looking at every transaction rather than a sample of transactions, the accuracy of analysis is orders of magnitude greater.

Security teams manage the Datiphy platform through an advanced management portal with natural language querying to quickly and easily verify threats and discover the extent of a breach for greatly accelerated resolution. Analytics from the Datiphy platform can be exported as feeds to other security and event correlation tools, governance and compliance solutions and Security Information and Event Management (SIEM) offerings.

About Datiphy

Founded in 2015 in San Jose, CA, the Datiphy platform fills the gaps that exist between point solution tools and glues various capabilities together to visualize your entire enterprise data lifecycle. The key technology is its Adaptive Data Behavioral Model (also called DataDNA) providing the scientific certainty of analyzing the entire data pool as events occur in real-time. A command portal enables centralized management and natural language queries empowering users to find any data asset within seconds and see the context of every interaction that has occurred among all other assets. For more information, visit http://www.datiphy.com.

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