Deezer is introducing a new way to get in touch with your emotions

Deezer is introducing a new emotional jukebox that will attempt to match your music to your mood.

Deezer has been working on its signature feature, Flow, which is an infinite mix of you’re favourite music alongside new recommendations.

There is now a new smart Flow Moods wheel, which uses data and a smart algorithm to create the right mix of music for you.

Deezer is actually the first streaming service that allows users to use Flow Moods as an emotional jukebox that can play music based on your mood.

Flow Moods should include artists that you already love as well as new tracks and songs so you can discover even more talent. It is also updated pretty constantly, so you won’t have to keep hearing the same recommended songs over and over again.

There are currently six Flow Moods. Firstly there is You & Me, which is the perfect mix of romantic and feel-good tracks that you could enjoy with your partner.

There is also Motivation, which Deezer says is best to make your workouts a more joyous experience with a funky power mix. There is also Chill, which as the name implies, is for when you want to kick back and relax to your favourite music.

Another Mood is Melancholy, a good option if you’re looking to find some good wallowing songs. Plus there is Party, for a more fun-filled playlist full of feel-good and crowd-pleasing tracks.

And finally, the last mood is Focus, which Deezer says is best if you’re not looking to get distracted and want to stay in the zone with a few tunes.

If you want to check this out, start by using Flow, after the music starts playing you’ll be able to choose a Mood from the Flow Moods rainbow wheel icon above the cover art.

Flow Moods is will be available worldwide for all users on iOS and Android by 8 October, you will also need to have the latest version of the Deezer app with at least 16 liked tracks or artists.

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