DesignRush Reveals the Top-Rated Web Design Companies in May 2024

With smartphones accounting for almost 60% of website traffic worldwide, responsive and mobile-ready web design is necessary. DesignRush reveals the top web design companies renowned for creating websites that excel in mobile user experience and drive substantial business growth.

NEW YORK, May 10, 2024 /PRNewswire-PRWeb/ — A Statista report reveals that mobile dominates the global website traffic with 60% of overall users. Because of this, businesses ensure their websites cater to mobile shoppers by optimizing designs for various devices.

Acknowledging the vital role of mobile-friendly design in capturing this significant market share, DesignRush, a premier B2B marketplace, has chosen the industry-leading web design agencies. These firms are awarded for their intuitive, engaging, and aesthetically pleasing mobile-responsive web interfaces that meet the demands of today’s mobile-first consumers.

The top web design companies in May are:

1. XAXs Corps – xaxscorps.com

2. Versatility Creative Group – versatilitycreativegroup.com

3. Insomnia Cafe – insomniacafe.org

4. Integrated Webworks – integratedwebworks.com

5. Anorak Cat Web Design Ltd – anorakcat.co.uk

6. Crantia Technologies – crantia.com

7. Bravo Web Designs – bravodesigns.co.za

8. Rewindd – rewindd.co.uk

9. TechUptodate – techuptodate.com.au

10. Attn Digital – attndigital.com

11. Creative Visuals – creativevisuals.in

12. AST & Partners – agreatnewwebsite.com

13. WebLitchi – weblitchi.com

14. Ocopix – ocopix.com

15. Martin Geyer – martingeyer.co

16. Websites for Translators – websitesfortranslators.co.uk

17. AJ Digital Marketing Group – ajdigitalmarketinggroup.com

18. Zennaxx – zennaxx.com

19. Atlas Softweb – atlassoftweb.com

20. Tech Manha Software – techmanha.com

21. Bigwave Marketing – bigwave.co.uk

22. Coconut Design – coconutdesign.eu

23. Upside – upside.nl

24. Mandaliya Software – mandaliya.com

25. Red Clay Creative – redclaycreative.com

26. Victor Gama – victorgama.com

27. Thecon – thecon.ro

28. NameBrand Marketer – namebrandmarketer.com

29. Xplication SRL – xplication.com

30. QED42 – qed42.com

Brands can explore the top web design companies by location, size, average hourly rate, and portfolio on DesignRush.

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