District 57 Debuts One-of-a-Kind Tactical Laser Tag Experience To Community With Grand Opening of Bordertown

This place is Disney World for adults. The attention to detail is incredibly impressive. The Grid and Bordertown experiences have been one of those things in life that you will never forget. Memories are made here.

District 57, a post-apocalyptic immersive entertainment experience, today announced the grand opening of Bordertown, a high-stakes, high-speed 4,000 square foot tactical laser tag arena that promises to deliver gritty realism and battlefield intensity to players.

The newest addition to District 57 offers adults a chance to channel their inner child by bringing their favorite shooting game to life. The second the arena doors open, Citizens of the Representative Protectorate (RP) are transported directly into the frontlines of a high-speed combat zone as they suit up in bulletproof vests, and grab their military-inspired black ops rifles. Clocking in around 7 pounds, the laser guns function similarly to real-life rifles with features like recoil, muzzle flashes, red dot scopes and magazine reload.

“This is not your average shoot-em-up kiddie laser tag — this is the real deal, so come prepared for a challenging and exhilarating workout,” said Jelani Patterson, co-founder of District 57. “Having been in the entertainment industry for the last 7 years, creativity is in our blood. We don’t do anything haphazardly, which is why we went all in with Bordertown to give our customers the most unique and interactive laser tag experience we could imagine.”

Bordertown will launch in two phases, first with Rapid Fire, a black-ops combat arena boasting 8 minute mini games like team deathmatch, capture the flag and domination that transport players right into the center of a dystopian future battlefield as they shoot their way to victory against the opposing team.

High Stakes is set to open in 2022 and will feature more mission-based warfare games where players rely on strategy in addition to tactical skill. For example, teams may need to complete various tasks to unlock more ammunition or weapons in order to progress forward. It adds an additional layer of real-life combat pressure to an already intensely interactive game of laser tag. Players can even track their online rankings on an international leaderboard.

In true creative fashion for Labrie and Patterson’s immersive masterpieces, all of the special effects and props in Bordertown are entirely unique and custom-built by District 57’s in-house creative team of visual effects and technology wizards.

“This place is Disney World for adults. The attention to detail is incredibly impressive. Every little thing from when you walked into the space to going to the bathroom to watching the videos was artistically and methodically thought out,” said customer Dan Hostrander. “When we entered the Bordertown arena, it was ingeniously designed like Call of Duty based in a post-apocalyptic time. As a team, we left as a more unified group than when we walked in and I could not have asked for a more fun, unique experience. Personally, both the Grid and Bordertown experiences have been one of those things in life that you will never forget. Memories are made here.”

As part of the Bordertown grand opening, District 57 is offering special discounted pricing on bookings made for Dec. 17 visits. A 60 minute game will cost $20 for non-members and $15 for members. To learn more about membership options, visit district57.com/entertainment-venues or to inquire about booking your next corporate team building or group event, visit district57.com/team-building. Bordertown is suitable for ages 16 and up.

“It’s been incredibly rewarding to witness the positive impact District 57 has had on the community in little over a year,” said Mylene Labrie, co-founder of District 57. “In a time where we’re all searching for a bit more joy, we love seeing people become fully immersed in Grid and Bordertown for hours on end. Much of our own blood, sweat and tears have gone into bringing our vision to life, and to have our passion project so well received by our customers makes it all worthwhile.”

District 57 opened its doors to the Charlotte community last November and offers visitors fast casual food, a self-serve bar featuring local beer, arcade games like pool, Atari pong table, 4-person Pac Man, SEGA Genesis Classics for Nintendo and its flagship attraction, Grid, a 30-room challenge arena to test your mental and physical dexterity.

For more information on District 57 visit District57.com. Be sure to check for regular updates on their Facebook page and Instagram at District 57clt, and share your post-apocalyptic experiences using the hashtag #District57.

About District 57

District 57 is a 20,000 square foot post-apocalyptic immersive entertainment complex in Charlotte, North Carolina set 60 years in the future. The brainchild of successful escape room entrepreneurs, Mylene Labrie and Jelani Patterson, District 57 offers visitors fast casual food, a self-serve bar, arcade games, new generation laser tag and Grid, a 30-room challenge arena. For more information, visit District57.com.

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