Dualit Stand Mixer Review

Dualit Stand Mixer: At a Glance

The Dualit 88013 Stand Mixer is a British brand’s entrance into a marketplace dominated by rivals KitchenAid and Kenwood. It’s a high-quality mixer that handles all of your whipping, whisking, kneading and, of course, blending needs.

At £300, a Dualit Stand Mixer isn’t cheap, yet it is competitively labelled compared to renouned rivals. But this permitted cost doesn’t come during a cost of opening and it’s a good apparatus for holding a bend douse out of creation cakes, bread, pastries, puddings and many more.

Dualit Stand Mixer

Dualit Stand Mixer: Design and Features

This isn’t a character icon. The Dualit Stand Mixer’s shimmer white steel physique looks practical — not in an homely way, usually an artless way. It looks like a apparatus rather than ‘feature’ that will pull a eye in your kitchen. This neutral colour should fit in with any kitchen décor, yet a choice of colours and finishes would supplement some verve.

Build peculiarity can't be faulted, though. The Dualit Stand Mixer feels like a solid, hardwearing mixer that will happily beauty your kitchen for years. As with any mountain mixer though, it is really big. It’s too vast to fit absolutely in many kitchen cupboards and takes adult a substantial area of open opposite space. It’s heavy, too — 8.8kg in sum — so it’s usually as good it has lift handles in a base.

The mixer’s distance and weight does have some benefits, however. It stays fast and solid even when cranked adult to high speeds when kneading dough. It’s a damn absolute machine, too. Its 1000W engine handles complicated brew and thick cake beat palliate and a 12 speed settings trimming from a careful, superb whip to a knee-trembling beating, yield copiousness of excellent control.

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Dualit Stand Mixer

The Dualit Stand Mixer comes boxed with 4 transmutable heads. With a drive (ideal for macaroons) partnering a normal beater (cake mixes) and brew offshoot (bread). A cosmetic spatula beater with a rubber corner creates it easier to strech to a edges and inlet of a blending bowl, yet this is a weakest, slightest strong of a collection provided.

The blending heads use a heavenly movement. Rather than simply blending in a circle, this heavenly transformation regularly cuts behind by a reduction or dough, blending a reduction some-more thoroughly.

With a 4.8 litre play capacity, Dualit’s mixer is some-more than adequate for even a largest of baking sessions. One further we would have favourite to have seen, however, is dimensions markings within a blending bowl.

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Dualit Stand Mixer

Dualit Stand Mixer: What is it like to use?

Very easy — it’s one of a Dualit’s many endearing qualities. Unlike some of a heading rivals, it is not cluttered by an array of primer knobs, dials and sliders. Instead it has simple, complicated controls – a singular digital dial and an integrated LED display.

This arrangement shows a energy setting, timings and removes many of a guesswork from following recipes. It also saves we carrying to set timing reminders on your oven or smartphone. We’d adore to see some-more mountain mixers use one.

The mixer’s present postponement underline is super useful, too. It’s ideal for fast checking a coherence of a mix. Simply attack a vast postponement symbol fast cuts a energy and lets we dive into a bowl. The mixer conduct can even be expelled and carried with a singular hand, that is useful when we have your hands full.

Power and palliate of use, however, are somewhat surplus if a blending isn’t adult to scratch. Fortunately – for a many partial – a Dualit mixer clears this hurdle. Using a immaculate steel drive connection to make macaroons, we fast had a smooth, feathery reduction with a preferred unbending peaks. Making both a vast white loaf, and a focaccia with a brew offshoot we found a mixer ideally kneaded and folded a brew to preferred levels.

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Dualit Stand Mixer

Cake mixes and buttercreams, however, were not yet teenager issues. The die-cast beater connection didn’t strech a essence during a bottom of a play on some-more than one occasion. This left a tiny patch of pure reduction underneath a differently ideally churned and churned batter. Switching to a spatula beater helped solve this teenager gripe, yet this cosmetic connection is reduction skilful during slicing by thicker mixes.

Another pattern unwell that troubles a Dualit Stand Mixer is a open loaded, blending conduct mount. Although unblemished in a use during a time with a device, a open fast becomes injured with cake brew and dough. Given a tiny spaces it is scarcely unfit to clean.

This is a usually partial of a mixer uneasy by cleaning woes, though. The steel physique advantages from a easy, purify purify aspect and a mixer’s play and brood of attachments are all dishwasher safe. A cosmetic splatter ensure comes in handy, yet still struggles with a further of topping sugar.

Dualit Stand Mixer

Stability is pivotal to thorough, splatter-free mixing, and here a Dualit charity has no troubles. It does, however, leave we worried. The blending bowl’s locking mechanism, nonetheless secure, facilities no heard or earthy click when locked. The outcome was many checking and double checking a play was safe.

Despite a few locking irritations, a Dualit’s blending play has an combined advantage over a rivals: dual handles. This helps widespread a weight of mixtures — a tiny yet critical further if we onslaught with heavier mixtures.

Although a one-metre energy cord can be stored orderly with in a mixer’s body, this is not a seamless or superb process. Unlike on many opening cleaners, that underline an automobile boomerang symbol for wire storage, a Dualit Stand Mixer requires we to physically pull a wire behind into a frame.

Dualit Stand Mixer

Should we buy a Dualit Stand Mixer?

If you’re a unchanging baker with a extended repertoire of cakes, breads and baked goods, we could do many worse than a Dualit Stand Mixer. It doesn’t do anything we can’t do by hand, yet it removes many of a bid and cuts down a time. It’s also easier to use than some mountain mixers, creation it a good choice if you’re intimidated by all a options on some models.

This isn’t a final word in mountain mixers, though. It looks a tiny lifeless and we did confront tiny problems blending some recipes. Also. distance and cost meant a infrequent baker would expected be improved off with a good peculiarity palm mixer such as a Kenwood kMix HM808.

For some-more critical bakers, though, it’s a really good value choice that’s easy to use. Its over £100 cheaper than a KitchenAid alternative. What’s more, with a five-year guaranty on a engine and a two-year pledge on all other parts, a mixer will offer square of mind for years to come.


An effective, easy to use and good value mountain mixer, yet we wish it looked it looked a tiny some-more exciting.

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