Dyson AM02 Mini Tower Fan Review

What is the Dyson AM02 Mini Tower Fan?

The Dyson AM02 Mini Tower Fan is the latest addition to the British brand’s collection of eye catching air multipliers. A scaled down verison of one of the original trio of Dyson fans, it is the new big brother to the multipurpose Dyson Hot Cool.

Capable of increasing airflow 16 times, it is for more intensive, large scale usage than the table top primed Dyson AM01. It is not your conventional electrical fan either, doing away with rotating blades in favour of passing a high intensity stream of accelerated air over an angled fin.

At £300 the Dyson AM02 Mini Tower Fan is far from cheap. Can it justify this lofty price tag? Let’s see.

Dyson AM02 Mini Tower Fan

Dyson AM02 Mini Tower Fan Design

The AM02 Mini Tower Fan’s design is classic Dyson. Smooth, flowing curves partner a minimalist, uncluttered form. The hollow elongated oval from where the airflow descends resembles the eye of an oversized needle and sits atop a solid base that houses all the inner workings. This combination ensures a sturdy foundation that’s secure against accidental nocks.

At just less than one metre tall, the ‘Mini’ isn’t all that… well, mini – it’s only 13cm shorter than its predecessor. Its size is not an issue, however. The small 25cm footprint of the Dyson means it can comfortably sit in most home or small office environments. What’s more, it will look stylish and a little futuristic while doing so.

Unlike the full-size AM02 Tower Fan, the Mini is available in just one colour, silver. This classic colour ensures it will fit with most household decors, even if the lack of choice is a little disappointing. That said, however appealing on the eye, the matt plastic finish does betray the luxuriousness expected of a device priced just shy of £300.

The Dyson AM02 Mini Tower Fan’s design really does help separate this bladeless beauty from the mass of more conventional tower fans on the market. With the hollow centre throwing an air of confusion and witchcraft over the fan, its design turns this pricey luxury into more of a desirable gadget than a standard household appliance.

Dyson AM02 Mini Tower Fan

Dyson AM02 Mini Tower Fan Features

The Dyson AM02 Mini Tower Fan is not exactly laden with features. It does what it does and it does it well. Beyond that, there are few additional bells and whistles. Before we get into features, though, to science class with you.

The AM02 Mini does not work like your typical fan. It utilises a brushless motor hidden within the base to draw in air (32 litres per second we are told) which is then accelerated through a 2.5mm aperture over the head’s airfoil design. The result is multiplied airflow that creates an area of low pressure, drawing in further air from behind. This improves the efficiency of the 65 watt fan. While this air is not passed over any cooling elements, the movement gives you a cooling effect. Simple, right?

With no blades in sight, this sophisticated approach gives the AM02 Mini, like other Dyson air multipliers, an airflow output uninterrupted by buffeting. While this might not sound like such a breakthrough, the results are extremely pleasing. No blades also means no safety hazards to the straying fingers of youngsters.

It comes bundled with its own compact remote. Although a small addition, we love that the fan’s remote can be magnetised to the top of the unit for safe storage. The handset’s gentle curve even perfectly mirrors that of the fan for a seamless, snug fit. This further highlights the premium design of the fan.

Unlike some of its smaller siblings, the AM02 Mini lacks the touch-tilt capabilities that allow you angle the airflow up or down. It’s not an issue when cooling a large room, for more directed airflow, say when you are sat at a desk, but it is an irritating omission. A 2-metre power cord removes some of the location restrictions that befalls some rivals.

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