EE Full Fibre Max includes Xbox Game Pass Ultimate – and free gaming data

EE is dangling a mighty carrot for its Full Fibre Max broadband plans, offering with up to a full year of Xbox Game Pass Ultimate on the house.

Not only will new sign-ups get access to all of the benefits of Game Pass Ultimate – 300 games, EA Play access, some of the best Xbox Series X games on day one, online multiplayer, cloud streaming, free games, etc. – but any mobile data they use on gaming will be zero rated.

To get the full year of Game Pass Ultimate (worth £252), customers will need to sign-ip for the Full Fibre Max 900 tariff, which offers maximum speeds of 900Mbps in available areas.

If you go after the Full Fibre Max 500, you’ll still get six months of Xbox Game Pass Ultimate and get the zero-rated mobile gaming data via EE’s 5G network. Not too shabby at all. EE actually reckons the latter part of the equation is what could be most appreciated by gamers, who currently don’t play on the go.

The company says in the press release: “Unlimited mobile gaming data is ideal for the 76% of consumers who say they would stream more high-quality mobile games if they didn’t need to worry about the impact on their mobile data allowance.”

The company reckons the overall proposition is one that could win over gamers seeking the best possible experience when using their Xbox Series S or Series X consoles.

Alistair Wilson, Director of Devices and Partnerships, EE said: “Matching Xbox Game Pass Ultimate with our advanced Full Fibre service will allow gamers to experience the full benefits of our next-gen network and help them to optimise their performance. We’re also giving EE mobile customers who take out EE Full Fibre, unlimited mobile data for gaming at no extra cost too – so not only can they benefit from the latest next-gen cloud gaming when at home, they can also access our superfast 5G network to carry on gaming on the move.”

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