Epson EcoTank L555 Printer Review

What is a Epson EcoTank L555?

Epson has been listening to a customers, who’ve been chanting a inkjet owner’s chant: ‘Why does ink cost so much?’ In fact, inkjet ink is generally cheaper per page than laser toner, yet a smaller ability of inkjet cartridges means we run out some-more often.

So Epson has topsy-turvy a printer/ink model and introduced a EcoTank range. As a name suggests, it’s dispensed with cartridges and instead constructed dual printers, a EcoTank L355 and a EcoTank L555, reviewed here, that use tanks of ink, in hook-on modules trustworthy to their sides.
Epson EcoTank L555 - Open
The tanks are directly connected to a printer’s heads around stretchable tubes and can take adult to 70ml of ink during a time, adequate for 4000 black pages and 6500 colour ones. The printers are directed during a tiny or home bureau duplicate around 150 pages per month, so should final dual years or more.

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Epson EcoTank L555 – Design and Features

Apart from a tank module, a Epson EcoTank L555 is a required adequate all-in-one, with a 30-sheet Automatic Document Feeder (ADF) on top. The far-reaching control row is logically laid out, yet usually sports a 2-line by 16-character LCD screen. This precludes previewing photos for printing, yet afterwards this isn’t a imitation printer, has no label or USB slots in a front row and can’t furnish borderless prints.

Epson EcoTank L555 - Controls

There’s a singular paper tray, that can reason adult to 100 sheets, pointed scarcely plumb during a back. Connection is possibly around a singular USB hollow during a back or by a Wi-Fi link, that is easy to set adult and some-more versatile. Apart from a ink tanks, a appurtenance bears utterly a bit of similarity to a £100 WorkForce WF-2630WF.

Epson EcoTank L555 – Cartridge Installation

Setting adult a printer takes a bit longer than writing in cartridges, yet usually has to be finished any dual years or so. Unhook a tank procedure from a side of a printer and spin it on a side. Open any of a tanks by stealing a block and fist a essence of an ink bottle into any one. It’s utterly wily not removing ink on yourself when we flay a seals from a necks of a bottles.

Epson EcoTank L555 – Print Speeds

Even yet Epson now uses the
ISO customary for measuring imitation speed, it speeds can still be
ambitious when compared with real-world tests. The EcoTank L555 is rated
during 9ppm for black imitation and 5ppm for colour and it got utterly tighten in
our mono imitation tests, with 7.8ppm for a 20-page document, dropping to
7.3ppm with a some-more normal 5-page document.

However, a colour
test, again 5 pages, usually gave 2.5ppm, only half of a claimed
figure. It took over 2 mins to print, yet this is still utterly a bit
quicker than a 2:40 (less than 2ppm) it took to duplicate a 5-page mono
document from a ADF.

It took over 2 mins to imitation a 15 x 10cm colour imitation in best imitation quality, too, yet softened on this to 1:13
in normal mode, duplicate from a Samsung Galaxy S3 smartphone.
Epson EcoTank L555

Epson EcoTank L555 – Print Quality and Costs

outlay peculiarity is really identical to that from Epson printers using
conventional cartridges, substantially since a imitation heads are a same.
Black content is good quality, yet not as pointy as from Canon and HP’s
thermal inkjets, and colours on plain paper aren’t as bright. Text over
colour is good purebred and imitation prints are of really high quality, as
is normal for Epson machines.

As we would expect, a EcoTank
L555 excels in a using costs. Printing 4000 pages from a £9 black ink bottle
gives a mono page cost of 1.1p, including 0.7p for paper. Colour print
is not most some-more costly during 1.5p, with a same paper cost. It whomps
the page costs of any other laser or inkjet all-in-one during a price.
Epson EcoTank L555 - Tanks

Should we buy an Epson EcoTank L555?

could demeanour during a cost of this appurtenance as a £100 printer and a £36 set
of ink bottles and consternation where a other £200 comes from, yet that
would substantially be naive. The stream model for inkjet sales is to
sell a printer inexpensive and make income on a cartridges. Epson’s been quite
brave to spin this on a conduct and offer ink during picturesque prices, yet to
do this it has to assign a some-more picturesque cost for a printer.

really small to review this appurtenance to during a price, especially because
inkjet printers with a identical underline set cost around £100. If we supplement a cost of a ink to imitation a same series of pages as a EcoTank
L555 can, we start to see a savings.

Taking Epson’s own
WorkForce WF-2630WF as a comparison and adding a cost of cartridges to
imitation 4000 mono pages and 6500 colour ones gives a sum of just
under £800. This would be identical if we used a opposition appurtenance and its

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If low using cost is your primary
requirement and we have £350 to spend upfront, a EcoTank L555 is a
brilliant all-in-one. However, if we wish duplex imitation or to print
borderless photos, you’ll be out of fitness and a speed of a machine,
particularly when duplicate in colour on plain paper or duplicating from the
ADF, is poor.

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