Ever use public Wi-Fi? This NordVPN deal is for you

NordVPN just dropped a stonker of a deal for anyone who has yet to sign up to the VPN service, making now the best time to keep your digital self protected.

Not only have the two-year subscriptions for the NordVPN Complete, Plus and Standard tiers been reduced by up to 64%, but you can get an extra three-months free for a limited time.

As if the deal wasn’t solid enough, we can sweeten the pot even further by offering up the code TrustedReviews which, when used at the checkout, can knock off an extra 5% for good measure.

Given that we spend so much time online and offer up plenty of personal information through our internet browsers, social media pages and accounts for online retailers, the need to protect all of that information has never been more essential, particularly if you’ve yet to feel the sting of having hackers poach your data.

NordVPN offer – £2.56

NordVPN offer – £2.56

NordVPN  is now offering up to 66% off  with 3 months free using code TrustedReviews at checkout

  • NordVPN
  • CODE: TrustedReviews
  • from £2.56/mo

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If you have a habit of hopping on to the public Wi-Fi at your favourite cafe or even on public transport just to glance at a few emails, you may not realise it but that very process leaves your data extremely vulnerable to any nearby hackers.

Security on public Wi-Fi is minimal at best but oftentimes completely non-existent, meaning that the only true way to keep yourself protected while you browse the web via these hotspots is buy toggling a VPN.

A Virtual Private Network can hide your IP address (which identifies your device to the world) and mask it with another IP address in a completely different part of the world. This ensures that your online activity can’t be tracked by someone else and in turn, the device you’re using can’t be pinned down.

All of NordVPN’s tiers offer secure VPN protection, but the company also offers extra features including a cross-platform password manager and 1TB of cloud storage, so that you can plug all the remaining security gaps that could put your data in harm’s way.

Having a VPN in the modern age is already a necessity, but with NordVPN’s ongoing sale it’s an easy win for your security that doesn’t cost a fortune – just remember to use the code TrustedReviews at the checkout for an extra 5% off.

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