Fantastic, yes Announces Breathtaking Visual Mobile Game

A space mystery puzzle game

Returner 77

“Wow, Returner 77 really feels like a console game. The graphics are stunning.”

Returner 77 is a visually stunning sci-fi puzzler – which is clearly demonstrated in its beautiful design and breathtaking graphics, mixed with mysterious puzzles. Everything served on an alien spaceship with a mission of saving humankind.

Who’s behind Fantastic, yes? David Fellah, former cofounder and CEO of Designit — the second largest design agency of the world — has dedicated himself to a new challenge after a successful sale of his company. David is now taking his insights and executive experience to develop a mobile game startup ready to change the mobile gaming industry.

Fantastic, yes was founded in 2016 in Copenhagen, and is built around a team of professionals with knowledge and experience from different industries. The core team is built around Simon Fellah, cofounder – an internationally known painter, responsible for the concept art and managing the production department. Ronja Gustavsson, previously Marketing Director at Unity Technology and Falcon.io, heads the Marketing and Operations. Led by David Fellah, they are on a mission to push the boundaries of mobile games, and they’re just getting started.

“This game is bang on! The puzzles are awesome, the sound is beautiful scary and the graphics are just fab.”

Alexandra, 31, UK

“Wow, Returner 77 really feels like a console game. The graphics are stunning.”

Tony, 41, Canada

First game ready for release is called Returner 77, a puzzle-game along the same lines as Fireproof’s The Room, and BlueBrothers’ House of da Vinci, where the visuals and storyline is taken to a whole new level.

The plot takes place in an alien spaceship in the near future. Mankind is on the brink of extinction and the hero is one of the last survivors. The only way to save the mankind will be to resolve compelling puzzles to defeat the alien invaders. Throughout the game, the player will experience beautiful views and landscapes never seen before in the mobile gaming industry, and great puzzles for a complete game experience.

The release of the game is set for October 2017, and will, initially, be exclusively on App Store.

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