Fender launches Player Plus series of guitars

Fender has introduced the Player Plus Series, a line-up it describes as “a fresh addition” to the Player Series family.

The Player Series was launched in 2018 and became the standard entry-point for Fender guitars, becoming one of the best-selling series in Fender history with over 407,000 units sold.

The Player Plus Series has designs (quite literally) on being the most “visually-striking” line of guitairs Fender has ever produced, bringing in fresh new looks, tones and feel with upgrades that Fender claims can be appreciated by players of every skill level.

The new range is made up of seven electric and bass guitars, and have been engineered in such a way to remove any obstacle to playing.

Upgrades include new gradient finishes, with new colourways such as Cosmic Jade, Belair Blue, Tequila Sunrise and others. The Modern “C” Player Plus neck has smooth rolled edges for better comfort when held.

Fender Player Plus guitar

The guitars feature 22 Medium Jumbo Frets with a 12-inch Raduis Fretboard to faciliate fluid leads and choke free bends, while a new feature is the Player Plus’ Noiseless pickups, which are described as bright and touch sensitive, offering classic ender tones without the hum or noise associated with it.

And as part of the launch, Fender has teamed up with viral TikTok artists Blu DeTiger, Gabriel Garzón-Montano, Hannah Dasher, and the Destroy Boys to introduce the new series to the next generation of guitar players and inspire other content creators on the platform.

Fender Player Plus prices

Here are the prices for the various models:

Player Plus Stratocaster guitar: $999.99 / £939.00 / €1,049.00 / AUD$1,999.00 / ¥137,500

Player Plus Stratocaster HSS guitar: $1,029.99 / £979.00 GBP / €1,099.00 / AUD$2,049.00 / ¥140,800

Player Plus Telecaster guitar: $999.99 / £939.00 / €1,049.00 / AUD$1,999.00 / ¥137,500

Player Plus Nashville Telecaster guitar: $1,029.99 / £979.00 / €1,099.00 / AUD$2,049.00 / ¥140,800

Player Plus Active Precision Bass guitar: $1,049.99 / £1,069.00 / €1,199.00 / AUD$2,099.00 / ¥148,500

Player Plus Active Jazz Bass guitar: $1,099.99 / £1,069.00 / €1,199.00 / AUD$2,199.00 / ¥159,500

Player Plus Active Jazz Bass V guitar: $1,149.99 / £1,159.00 / €1,299.00 / AUD$2,299.00 / ¥165,000

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