FlashGrid Automates Provisioning of HA Database Clusters in Azure

FlashGrid Cloud Provisioning for Azure

FlashGrid has released an online tool for configuring and deploying Oracle RAC clusters in Microsoft Azure cloud. FlashGrid Cloud Provisioning for Azure makes it easy to create cloud infrastructure for the most trusted HA technology used in enterprise IT today.

Until recently, true RDBMS high availability was not on the “menu” of infrastructure components readily available to cloud users. FlashGrid has changed the game: first, by introducing its software-defined high availability architecture for public clouds, and now by providing a tool that fully automates the deployment process.

The FlashGrid Cloud Provisioning Tool is intended to be used by Oracle DBAs and Azure cloud architects.

The deployment process starts at the http://www.flashgrid.io/azure web page. The page provides step-by-step instructions for creating a cluster, with links to several preset configurations sized “Small”, “Medium” and “Large”. After cluster parameters have been set and verified, the Cloud Provisioning tool creates an Azure Resource Manager template to be executed in the target Azure account. The template uses one of the FlashGrid VM images from the Azure Marketplace. Set-up and initialization takes approximately 90 minutes, and the result is an installed, patched, and configured Oracle RAC cluster.

Unlike Database-as-a-Service offerings, FlashGrid customers have full control of their database clusters including custom security policies and patching schedules, while enjoying the deployment process as simple as a typical DBaaS.

“Migrating highly available database clusters to the cloud has been a stumbling block for many enterprises, hindering cloudification of much larger infrastructures than just the database servers. FlashGrid not only eliminates this challenge, but also makes deploying HA database clusters much easier and faster than ever before.” said Alex Miroshnichenko, CEO FlashGrid.

About FlashGrid

FlashGrid Inc. is a software company headquartered in Sunnyvale, California. FlashGrid software allows large and small enterprises to run mission-critical databases on a commodity compute, storage, and network infrastructure of their choice – in the data center or in the public cloud.

FlashGrid is an Oracle Gold Partner, Cloud Standard. FlashGrid solution is referred in the “Oracle solutions and their deployment on Microsoft Azure” article of Azure documentation to provide the network multi-cast and shared disk technologies for hyper-scale public cloud environments.

FlashGrid Cloud Provisioning for Azure


FlashGrid VM images at the Azure Marketplace


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