Flip Video Action Tripod

Entry level camcorders are small enough to be used just about anywhere, and although Cisco has pulled the plug on the company, owner of the Flip UltraHD and similar devices will find a handy accessory in the Flip Video Action Tripod.

First of all, it’s a desktop tripod. It’s not very adjustable or particularly sturdy, but it does the job. It has a standard screw mount and it fits most portable camcorders or compact cameras.

Although it is fit for purpose, it’s very light at 98 grams and it is not designed to take a digital SLR. We attached one to the mount and it listed wantonly before toppling over.Flip Video Action Tripod 5

However, it is good at what it does. It picks up where the Gorillapod leaves off, but it doesn’t feel as well made.

It’s in action mode where the fun starts. Fold the camera flat and it can be secured to an object using the Velcro-backed straps. Then you just fit the camcorder and attach the tripod to your handbars or helmet, and you’re off.Flip Video Action Tripod 6

One of the problems with Flip Action Tripod is that although it’s light and compact, it can produce some very shaky images, as seen in our video

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