Flosum Launches the First-Ever Version Control Natively Built on the…

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Flosum Logo

Flosum Logo

Salesforce Customers are frustrated with their internal release management processes, and are looking for a solution like Flosum to improve developer productivity, ensure governance compliance as well as improve time-to-market for internal applications.

Fremont, CA (PRWEB) March 24, 2015

Flosum provides a Change Management framework to help customers manage the entire application lifecycle from “requirements to retirement”. Flosum offers a “click, not code” declarative approach to release management by providing an easy-to-use application that can be used by any Salesforce administrator or developer with minimal training.

Flosum is built completely on the Salesforce platform. Customers using Flosum have a very short learning curve since they are already users of the Salesforce platform. Flosum is extensible and configurable just like any other CRM application. Also, since Flosum runs on the Salesforce stack, customers get the same level of compliance, security and service-level agreements as their CRM application.

Using Flosum, customers can backup and restore the configuration of their Salesforce environment. Customers can quickly compare and sync various Salesforce systems, which is a very time-consuming activity in the application development process. Flosum also helps to selectively move changes from environment to environment.

Based on customer demand, Flosum has added Version Control to it’s Application Lifecycle Management suite. Version Control provides a single source of truth for the complete ecosystem, improves governance, and makes developer’s more productive. With Version Control, Flosum will become the most compelling Application Lifecycle Management solution for the Salesforce customers.

Most small and mid-size customers use Salesforce Changesets for migration. Salesforce Changesets have many limitations including: inability for partial deployments, inability to merge code from different developers, providing visibility to other users as well as lack of integration with version control.

Salesforce ANT migration tool is cumbersome, error-prone, and requires technical developers to use it. Salesforce ANT migration tool is typically used by large enterprise customers. Salesforce ANT migration tool does not provide any visibility or collaboration between developers, as well as the usage of the tool could cause the lack of governance and compliance for the Salesforce customer.

“We are thrilled to provide a completely native Version Control system to the Salesforce community. Our mantra is to have a completely native Salesforce Application Lifecycle Management suite, and we have furthered our vision by providing these capabilities.” says Preeti Lalwani, a Flosum executive.

Flosum’s vision is to also provide automated builds like Salesforce Jenkins to help customers achieve continuous integration. Customers who use Jenkins with Salesforce have to procure hardware, install and maintain software, which increases the overall effort to keep the lights on. With Flosum, the continuous integration server will be available as as part of Flosum, so customers won’t have to maintain any additional servers. The complete solution for Salesforce Continuous Integration will be available as part of Flosum.

Flosum is built for scalability and performance to serve large, enterprise customers. Flosum is completely reviewed by Salesforce to ensure that it meets the highest security, compliance and certifications standards to help the customers meet their industry, financial and geographical regulations.

Salesforce customers interested in learning more about Flosum’s Version Control option can visit flosum.com, call (844) 3-FLOSUM, or email at hello(at)flosum(dot)com for general inquiries.

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