Flux Announces New Feature: Secure Command and File Transfer Actions…

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Flux File Orchestration and Workflow Scheduling


Flux’s new SSH File Upload, Download, and Command actions further extends the integration capabilities and control available with Flux workflows.

Boulder, CO (PRWEB) February 27, 2015

Today, Flux announces support for performing remote commands, file uploads and downloads, using Flux SSH Actions. Flux 8.0.10 implements support for SSH based interactions with remote servers in your enterprise workflows. SSH actions can be very handy when it comes to environments where public key infrastructure is enforced and where customers are required to isolate the processes that Flux workflows orchestrate without leveraging the underlying security infrastructure. This will be no longer a case with the introduction of SSH actions in this Flux release. Workflows and file orchestrations now interact cleanly with the enterprise’s existing public key infrastructure while still enjoying Flux’s powerful integration capabilities.

A Flux workflow can now run commands on remote machines or perform file transfers to or from remote machines. It supports password based authentication as well as public key authentication with passphrase. The following new Flux Actions are available in this release.

  •     SshCommandAction – runs commands or scripts on remote server
  •     SshFileUploadAction – uploads file or directories to remote server
  •     SshFileDownloadAction – downloads file or directories from remote server

Download the overview “Securing Operations over SSH in Flux” (Reading time only seven minutes).

About Flux

Privately held and US based, Flux has offices in Colorado, Montana, Tennessee, Texas, and Argentina. The Flux file orchestration platform orchestrates file transfers and batch processing workflows for a diverse customer base including logistics, telecommunications, analytics, finance, and healthcare. First released in 2000, the Flux platform supports enterprises of all sizes for their mission critical systems.

To learn more about Flux, visit the Flux website at http://flux.ly.

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