Focus Entertainment launches its own Steam competitor

Steam has a new rival, as Focus Entertainment has set up a new service where you can buy triple-A games for your PC.

Known as the Focus Entertainment Store, this new online shop features its own user accounts, in a clear push to make a dent in the digital PC gaming market.

Focus is celebrating this new turn with a few sales and discounts, including up to 90% off for players who create a free Focus Store account, while the soulslike action RPG, The Surge, will be free for all who sign up. These little perks will be available until October 8.

To kick things off, Focus has been keen to highlight its relationship with other developers, with users able to buy games from Deck13 and Dotemu, to name a few.

There will also be exclusive merch made available from Focus’ own mainline titles including A Plague Tale: Innocence and Othercide. In some cases, physical and console versions of games can also be purchased.

As to whether or not the Focus Entertainment Store makes a dent in sales on Steam, remains to be seen. In the meantime, you can check out the Focus Entertainment website for yourself to see what’s on offer.

Trusted Take

Nowadays, PC gamers are not limited to Steam for games, as other stores have made their mark, with Epic Games being the biggest heavy hitter.

A little more competition may be a good thing for the Steam store, as it may encourage the store to push even more competitively priced deals to entice users. While Focus is unlikely to really steal the spotlight from Valve, Epic Games’ success is proof that people are willing to step away from the norm if the deals are good enough, even if that means jumping between multiple services.

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