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FoodSpect available now for iPhone and Android

We have just been amazed at the media attention we have been receiving, but it demonstrates a climate that is ready for this kind of app.

FoodSpect Technologies Incorporated is the foremost up and coming data democratization company in North America, and are very proud to announce the recent launch of their latest app, FoodSpect. Available for iOS and Android platforms, it’s an easy-to-use app that will help consumers vote with their feet when it comes to choosing a restaurant that’s right for them. FoodSpect has been in steady development since 2015, and was only just recently launched.

FoodSpect is an easy to use application that brings restaurant inspection data directly to mobile devices. Now anyone can finally enjoy a restaurant without the worry of food borne illness or unsatisfactory restaurant conditions. FoodSpect takes the worry away from eating out. Diners place a lot trust in the hands of restaurants when eating out, FoodSpect simply helps everyone make the right decision before it is too late.

Among many features, FoodSpect can reveal:

Are employees washing their hands?

Is food stored off the floor?

Does a restaurant have a pest problem they aren’t telling diners about?

Does the dishwasher get things clean?

Is food stored at safe temperatures?

FoodSpect currently services the area of British Columbia and Alberta (Calgary Area only), Canada. New areas will be released with future updates including all of the best foodie spots in Canada and the United States.

“We have just been amazed at the media attention we have been receiving, but it demonstrates a climate that is ready for this kind of app. No longer do people have to worry whether their servers are washing their hands regularly, or if food is stored off the floor,” says co-founder and CEO of FoodSpect Technologies Incorporated, Earl Buchan.

FoodSpect, the innovative new way to view restaurant inspection data, is available now for iOS devices via the App Store at: https://itunes.apple.com/app/foodspect/id1131203082

A dedicated version for Android devices is also available via Google Play at: https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.foodspect.app

To learn more about the merger, expansion plans, or to book an interview, contact Earl Buchan at 204.849.4591 or email, earl(at)foodspect.com, or visit the website at: http://www.foodspect.com

About FoodSpect Technologies Incorporated

Based in British Columbia, Canada, and founded in 2014, FoodSpect Technologies Incorporated is focussed on bringing transparency to food safety information.

With a core philosophy to ensure that food inspection data is easily accessible to all, FoodSpect Technologies Incorporated aims to bring this data to the masses and allow diners to make informed choices about the restaurants they visit.

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