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The InMotion Cpanel allows for a plethora of customizations for your web site.

InMotion’s Blog Setups

InMotion have a suite of blog installations available, including:

  • WordPress
  • PrestaShop
  • Joomla

An unfortunate downside to the InMotion payment system is its lack of obvious methods. The system basically strong arms you into paying via Credit Card, with a Paypal methods hidden deep inside the builder. So InMotion is a company that deals heavily in personal details. The only other option for payment is via mail, checks only– no cash.

Cpanel in The House

InMotion uses the tried and tested (hint: it tested positive) cPanel for its day-to-day operations, where websites, FTP files, billing, customer service, and everything else is taken care of. Custom installations included.

Small FYI for the more open minded web masters out there, InMotion doesn’t allow pornographic content on its servers. There’s actually a pretty detailed and straight to the point FAQ section, read it up.
Essentially, InMotion is a highly functional service that keeps to traditional values and really enjoys detailing customer details and credit card numbers.


Domain parking and name registration is also available from InMotion, they offer domain privacy as a big selling point and also provide one free domain with every 12 to 24-month hosting plan. Any pre-exisitng domain will also be transferred for free with any 1 and 2 year plan purchase.
In addition to domains, InMotion also deals in…

Web Design

Well, why not get the guys who host your website to also make it, right? Although InMotion comes with a built-in web builder, it’s a pretty plain 3-step (site, blog, and photo gallery) builder (with an inconvenient separate login mechanic) that makes functional if rather plain looking sites.

Of course, WordPress wizards are free to work their magic and enjoy building a killer looking blog-site or a customer can simply choose to allow InMotion the honor of building their whole website from the ground up.

Prices are available after a 6-step discourse process about the planned website. During which the customer and designer can agree on a common vision and figure out the intended purpose of the site. InMotion made sites come with search engine rankings taken care of.

The problem with using and having a site built, but or working with InMotion’s panel, is that new add-ons all require their separate logins, which is why adding hosting tools can be a bit of a pain in the backside. Speaking of site hosting tools…

Plenty of Tools to Play With

cPanel and OpenCart both come standard with any package, and alongside them the following tools are also available:

  • PrestaShop (online shopping tool)
  • Moodle (educational and course based website builder)
  • Premium Web Builder (free website builder-plain but highly functional)
  • WordPress (Blogging platform)
  • B2evolution (free blog and CMS engine for media and file management)
  • Joomla (CMS system)
  • Drupal (Open source web development tool that’s free)

Counting Domain Privacy, the McAfee e-mail snooper service, all-in-all InMotion’s has a very good package for customers.

Let’s Email!

The great news is is that all plans have unlimited e-mail, the even better news is that you can access emails via programs like Outlook, Thunderbird and most mobile devices.
The slightly not-so-great news is that McAfee bloatware is once against presented on a silver platter. Secure IMAP and POP3 are on board without a doubt, added SSH integration and Google Apps integration are two cherries on the cake.

Welcome to My New Store

Setting up a good and easy-to-use store with plenty of payment options is definitely an important part of running any business.

With InMotion’s Premium Web Builder (don’t let the name fool you, it’s free) has both OpenCart and PrestaShop on-hand to help deal with E-store side of things. They both do a great job and are free.

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