Future AirPods could be used for health related purposes

Apple has reportedly been looking into how AirPods could double up as health devices.

As reported by Wall Street Journal, Apple is looking into various health usages for AirPods, including ideas for hearing aids and the ability to check on your posture.

Some leaked documents also mentioned that a prototype included a thermometer to check your body temperature, which could be used in various healthcare scenarios.

These plans suggest that Apple is moving towards more health-orientated and wellness features in its products, beyond the latest Apple Watch, and into its peripheral products.

However, Apple will have to be careful marketing AirPods as health devices, as it would likely need some form of regulatory clearance for some of the features.

This was seen when Bose wanted to sell SoundControl hearing aids, as the company had to go through FDA clearing to ensure that the product wasn’t misleading in its health-related claims.

Plus, Apple will need to do a major overhaul in terms of AirPod battery life, as currently, AirPods Pro won’t last for longer than five hours with noise cancelling on, and can’t last for more than four hours when on the phone.

Less than five hours just isn’t long enough for a health wearable that you might need to wear all day, plus Apple would likely need to ensure that people with varying levels of hearing loss would be able to use the new AirPods.

It wouldn’t be that unusual if Apple decided to broaden its horizons and start developing health-related tech; the Apple Watch is often hailed for its fitness features and how it helps you to develop a healthier lifestyle.

However, since Apple has not confirmed new AirPods publicly, we don’t know whether the Cupertino company has decided to move forward on a health-focused earbud. We’ll be sure to keep you updated if or when the company makes moves regarding its reported interest.

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